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Hi I am new to this forum, but was diagnosed with TNBC in September.

I have just completed chemo in March and thankfully the MRI has indicated a good response to the treatment.

The breast surgeon is now offering a lumpectomy as opposed to masectomy which was originally discussed in September. I am pleased but confused I can still have  masectomy if I want but need to make the decision. 

Most people I have heard of / read with tnbc have had a masectomy.

Any thoughts?

  • Hi, My wife was diagnosed last April with TNBC. She had a 23mm tumour. Had chemo first which had an excellent response. Opted/advised to have lumpectomy due to this response. 

  • Thank you, I had 2 tumours 3.5mm each. I'm in such a quandary. 

  • 3.5mm? My wife just went with the surgeons advice. She was in the same quandary as you. They will ensure that they remove the footprint of the tumours with a good clear margin. They also removed 4 nodes from my wife to test (which were clear). Do discuss your quandary with the breast cancer nurse. Thats what they are there for. Good luck with everything. 

  • Sorry cm not mm - wishful thinking.

  • Remember, you have had a great response to chemo and the fact the surgeon is now talking lumpectomy is a great sign. Stay strong. All the best. 

  • Thank you so much 

  • Hi LJC

    I have TNBC and I had a lumpectomy. As far as I understand, it’s a technical decision about the size of the tumour versus the size of the breast. The results from lumpectomy plus radiotherapy are much the same as those of mastectomy. A small tumour in a larger breast is a candidate for lumpectomy whereas a large tumour in a small breast isn’t. Similarly a multi focal tumour or a tumour plus a load of DCIS probably needs mastectomy. You are getting the benefit of chemo shrinking it. 

  • Thank you for this. Your responses have really helped.

    I now have the added issue that I contracted covid less than 7 weeks ago and they may have to postpone surgery but I ended chemo 4 weeks ago so to delay another 7 weeks is scarey. Its going to MDT tomorrow.