Taking Aspirin after treatment finishes

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Hi Everyone.

My wife finished all her treatment in December (Chemo, WLE & Rads). She is doing well and feeling more herself all the time. Anyway she had heard about Aspirin maybe having some benefit afterwards along with Vit-D. She had mentioned it to her oncologist and he said that there were trials out there.

Does anyone here take daily aspirin or Vit-D ? My wife hasn't been prescribed these, but oncologist said low dose daliy aspirin would be fine to take obviously if you have no issues with it. 

  • Always good to maintain a good Vit D level when we have cancer. It is not acceptable to be in the lower range. Handy to get blood test to check Vit D levels. Research and cross reference everything, only use reputable sites (PUB MED can be useful amongst others). I have used Aspirin as a "repurposed drug", amongst others but I am stage 4. Research specifics of the cancer subtype and use of other medications and supplements, etc.