Recently Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone who is undergoing treatment for Thyroid Cancer or has been through it.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2/3 years ago and was told it was only mild and was prescribed 50mg Levothyroxine.  Bloods in January showed no change.  Then a while later I noticed a lump in my throat and didn't feel too concerned at first thinking it would probably go down and doctor's appointments being what they are thought I would wait a while and see.  It didn't go down so I did make that appointment and saw a Nurse Practitioner who quickly got me a hospital appointment to be checked out.  I suffer from nasal polyps and have had 5 operations so far to remove them, and am also asthmatic and have had a raspy voice for some time.  Whilst at the appointment I had a camera down the back of my nose and into my throat to investigate and it turns out I have paralysis on one side of my vocal cords.  So I ended up with an Ultrasound Scan first of all, which included 2 biopsies as by this time my lymph node had also swelled and this was followed up with a CT Scan with contrast.  The day after the CT scan I received a phone call asking me to go for an early appointment 2 days later.  My feelings at that time were that there must be something wrong as they wouldn't call me in earlier if not.  I already had an appointment booked for the 20th June but this was brought forward to the 9th June.  It was bad news and I was told that I had Thyroid Cancer and would need a full Thyroidectomy and removal of the affected lymph node and that there was a small trace  also in my lung and an early appointment would be made for me the following week.  As it turns out the hospital are busy and I am due to go to see the MDT this Wednesday, and also have a pre op assessment while there as the hospital is 60 miles away, it makes sense.  Going to be a long day as my first appointment is at 11.30 am and the pre op is at 3.30pm so slightly concerned how I will pass time while there, considering they don't want people hanging around because of COVID.  At least I have been able to get transport as we are without a car at the moment, so I will be picked up and brought home.  I am really grateful for the speed at which this is moving, but at the same time upset by it all and a bit overwhelmed to say the least.

  • Hi Petal66, 

    Im sorry to hear about your news and would like to wish you all the best and get well soon. Just had my thyroid removed and recovering well. The surgery and post recovery was not that scary as I personally thought. And the pain I managed with paracetamol taken couple of times. The V shape pillow did help greatly. Getting better every day and looking forward to get back to normal soon. A big thank you to the NHS team who looked after me so well. I'm forever greatful. Stay strong! 

  • Thank you Oana and good to hear you are recovering well.  I admit to feeling scared, I suffer from asthma and nasal polyps and am worrying about how I will feel after the operation, effects of the anaesthetic at first then the fact that you can have difficulty swallowing and knowing how my sinuses are a constant problem, wondering how it will be.  I will talk to the MDT tomorrow at my appointment and ask them what I should expect.  Best wishes to you x