New scab after 3 months

I have developed a new scab on my skin flap scar, 3 months after surgery. Is this normal or should I get it checked?

  • Probably best to get it checked out. You'll understandably worry about it so best get it looked at. Are you able to make an appointment with your surgeon  without going through your GP first?

  • Perhaps best to get it checked Phenom but I find little spots appear on my scar line and then go.  I wonder if they are internal stitches still coming out.  My skin graft one is still lumpy after 3 mon ths.  S0 fed up of it all now as on holiday and find I am stressing over it so much, making sure my sun cream is on then if it is windy I stress and people then say oh they are nothing to worry about. They should try having one and then see. 

  • I agree.

    After reading your profile it's best to get it looked at.

    It'll put your mind at rest.

    Yes people's attitude makes me so angry. They have no idea of the worry that these  things cause and what it's like to have surgery on your face or in your case phenom a large surgery on your scalp.

    They seem so blase about it.

    This forum has been an absolute godsend

  • That's what I wondered. The surgeon did say I might get cysts forming as the internal stitches rise to the surface and I wonder if that's what it is. Think I will send him a pic.  So fed up of it now.

  • Yes I can send my surgeon a pic as I went private and he doesn't seem to mind me contacting him directly. 

  • That's a good idea. And it must make you feel more confident knowing that you can contact him directly.

    I can understand you being tired of it. You've been through a lot

  • So I sent pics to the surgeon and he said he couldn't see very clearly from the photo but that it was a long way from the Mohs site so unlikely to be of concern. He said to take the scab off and put vaseline on the skin and if it hadn't cleared in 2 months to go back.  He also said to make sure no hair was growing into the wound but I forgot to ask him what to do if it is. 

  • Have you had your surgery yet Puckettyboo?

  • It's good you've made contact with the surgeon  he can now keep an eye on it.

    Yes had an excision last Wednesday and so now waiting for histology. Once that's back the decision will be made either to let it heal by itself or reconstruct.

    I didn't want to have reconstruction and then find out I had positive margins as it's been there about three years as it was misdiagnosed 

  • That's good that you managed the surgery this time - hope it went well?  I hope you hear from histology soon - the waiting is horrible.  Yes it's good to know the scab can be monitored.  Feeling quite low today as I took the scab off and there is an unhealed area beneath it.  It reminded me of the original cancer so of course my mind has gone straight to that place of thinking the cancer is back.  I wonder if it could be an internal stitch though that came to the surface?  I hope it's nothing sinister as I don't want to face going through more surgery.