Pain post Mohs - is this normal?

Hello all,

I had a Mohs procedure to my cheek almost 8 weeks ago but getting quite a lot of pain that feels like a toothache within my cheek. This was my 2nd surgery as I had involved margins including a very close deep after wide local excision. The scar runs from under my eye & down my cheek at an angle for almost 2 inches. I had some wound healing issues as my skin is very tight after 2 ops & the skin kept splitting.

Is this normal to get pain that can be so severe I cannot talk or move that side of my face for several hours? I hoped that this long post op I would be back to relatively normal but am I expecting too much? It is affecting my job as I cannot talk for any period of time & I worry my colleagues are getting frustrated with me.

I am so pleased they have now finally removed my cancer but the pain is getting me down.



  • Hi Hannah

    That all sounds very painful and I can understand why it would be getting you down.

    I don't have any experience with Mohs surgery or surgery to the face so I don't know if what you're experiencing is normal or not. Were you given a contact number for someone at the hospital where you had the procedure done in case of problems? If so I'd be tempted to call them to see if you should still be experiencing such pain at the wound site.

    Let us know how you get on


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  • Hi Hannah,

    Sorry can't help with your original question but since you've had Moh's surgery I was actually hoping to ask you a question. I have a basal cell carcinoma on my nose and the dermatologist at my local hospital (Milton Keynes) wants to do a wide 4-6mm excision. I asked about Moh's but was told it's not an option there and I'd have to pay for it privately (about £5k) if I wanted it. Did you get Moh's on the NHS? Do you know if it's possible to go to another hospital or were the options just the ones that your local hospital offered? I'm trying to figure out if I can actually get Moh's on the NHS or am I limited to the options that my local hospital offers?

  • Sorry for huge delay in reply. For some reason I didn’t see your message until now. If it’s still of help yes I had it via NHS (2 centres near me offered it in the South West) although there were waiting lists so explored private option & quoted similar price but their wait wasn’t much better. Definitely worth asking to be referred to another NHS centre which is what I did as one had a waiting shorter than the one I was with originally.

    Good luck with your surgery.