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Hi all. Just been diagnosed, but now awaiting tests to see how far it’s got. Been offered radiotherapy or a prostatectomy, but to be honest, got no idea on which way to go. I’m a keen runner, and wondered if any of you gents were sporty types beforehand, and if so, how did your choices affect you. Any advice greatly appreciated. 

  • Hi Tigger and welcome 

    U don't give any stats which would help to give u the best advice.

    In answer to your question I have been jogging for years and PC didn't really stop that, perhaps  slowed me down a bit during treatment.

    If u go for surgery any exercise will probably be limited during treatment as a major op but after a few weeks should be back to normal 


  • Thank you for that. Not got a lot of stats at the moment, or at least none I can remember. Appreciate your comment, though

  • If u have been diagnosed as having it then you should have a PSA and scan result and possibly a biopsy result.

    If not u should ask for these figures 


  • PSA is 7.6, and been given a Gleason score of 7 (4+3) from a biopsy. Awaiting bone and CT scans to check see if it’s contained. Should I have anything else?

  • It all looks quite low so  you should be fine. Just wait for bone scan results which should be clear.

    U could check the MRI report to see tumour size and if near the gland edge

    Other than that all looks ok for a bit of treatment.

    All the best


  • Good Evening   A warm welcome to the online Community. I am fully aware you would rather be on a Parkrun but this is the best place for help and advice.

    If your bone scan and CT scans are both clear then you would have options of Surgery to remove, HT/RT (I doubt with a 7 (4+3) just RT) or Brachytherapy. This is the $64000 question - which way do you go?

    My advice would be to do your research - make a list of pros and cons for each treatment as you see it taking into consideration your age - your future plans - and the side effects of each treatment. Use trusted sources, here, our web pages and Prostate Cancer UK (not Dr Google!!). Ask questions and then it's down to personal choice.

    We are all different and our body reacts to the treatment in it's own way - you know your body - I can say though - each treatment will bring on fatigue - so stay as fit as you can.

    I hope this helps - ask anything - be honest - you will get answers.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thank you for your response. I’m very fortunate to have a supporting wife and family, and I fully agree not to talk to Dr Google. Bit of a waiting game at the moment, and just trying to get as much info as possible. Forgive me if some questions are a bit naive. 

  • Hi T,

    I saw your post last night but too tired to respond. It is funny because it is my husband that go through the treatment and I was tired!

    I want to put your mind at rest regarding as you put it 'sporty types beforehand' : there are so many men in this community which are very sporty. You have rowers, hikers, joggers, swimmers and regular gym goers. So you are in good company. My husband diagnosed 6 months ago. Unfortunately the PC spread outside the capsule and he is with HT and RT. He is fatigue and hot flushes but as I write this he is swimming his regular one hour morning swim. Life for him is almost normal.

    As Millibob said, wait for your full diagnostic and then decide how and which treatment you choose.

    Please stick with this community, the people here are fabulous in sharing their experiences and knowledge. We are all going through very similar motions and doubts that you are going through.

    Keep us update

    With all my love


  • Hi Tiggerfelt

    My husband, 60, was a regular gym goer before surgery. He’s one week post op today and doing really well. Taking it easy but walking up and down the stairs a few times a day and eating healthily. Just on paracetamol mainly for some wind pain and occasional discomfort from the catheter (which is being removed on Monday).  His incisions are small and healing nicely.  No swelling and not really any bruising either. I’ve written up his journey so far on my profile.  Whichever decision you make you will find lots of support here. 

  • Thank you Dafna. Really appreciate your comments. Some strange thoughts at the moment.