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Hi all. Just been diagnosed, but now awaiting tests to see how far it’s got. Been offered radiotherapy or a prostatectomy, but to be honest, got no idea on which way to go. I’m a keen runner, and wondered if any of you gents were sporty types beforehand, and if so, how did your choices affect you. Any advice greatly appreciated. 

  • Thank you, and fingers crossed for your husband. Looks like I’ll see you all on the start line at some point in the future. 

  • Hi T,

    I know that things will be much easier when your full diagnostic come through and your treatment decision will be made. You are now at the most difficult part of the journey mentally- the waiting game. I know all about strange thoughts but when the waiting will be over you will settle into a new routine and the strange thoughts will be less and less prominent. 

    Lots of love


  • You have slightly better statistics than me (mine were PSA 13.0, Gleason 4+3.). You might want to consider brachytherapy boost in your discussion with your consultant (you can be referred to another NHS hospital if yours doesn’t do it). This combination therapy is the most expensive there is (but NHS pays), and the statistics are the best in class.  If you’re interested, check my bio      AW

  • Hi Tiggerfert 

    im a Gleason 7 (3+4) with PSA 3.8 and mine is all contained within the prostate, so I was offered prostate removal & hormone therapy with radiotherapy, (and I’m currently waiting for the op.)
    I was informed that if I chose the hormone & radio therapy route and it didn’t work, I would no longer be in a position to be able to have it removed, so that put me in the operation camp (with doubts) as why would I put myself in a position to deny myself treatment if the option I chose didn’t work. The second reason for choosing the op was the recovery time, 3 months if all goes well during the op, or 18 months of therapy … for me, you maybe different, this became a no brainer, the downside for me in this, is the wait for the op, gets in my head sometimes.

    all the best


  • Hi Jonnyboy - I am guessing that you are comparatively young and I can see a low PSA and 3-4 (contained).  There’s a good chance that the surgery will be completely successful and I can see your reasoning regarding a back up plan for radiotherapy. I have aggressive features and a T3a so it is more likely that some cells have got out of the gland into the pelvic area - hence my “throw the kitchen sink” at it approach and get it cured first time.  AW

  • Thank you for this. Hopefully once got the results back, can make a more informed decision. Stay safe

  • Many thanks for your response. It is good to see so many supportive people on here (weirdly). Hope all goes well for you. X