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I am just turned 60 and I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 5, 4+5 prostate cancer. 

My father was diagnosed last October and failed to tell me or my older brother. We both went for PSA tests, his came back with a score of 1 and mine was 37.

I was then booked in for a MRI, that came back with, there is something there to investigate so a biopsy was called for. 

My father unfortunately lost his battle with multiple ailments in the early hours of 26th April, 3 days later I was in to get my biopsy results and that's when I was told I had prostate cancer stage 5, 4+5 Gleason.

As the MRI indicated the cancer was just in my prostate the urologist wanted me to have a CT and Bone scan to see if the cancer had spread. I got a phone call 1st thing Monday morning to inform me the cancer is localised just in my prostate,  so some good news at last. 

The MDT are meeting tomorrow to get a treatment plan together for me and fingers crossed that will start next week. 

One thing the urologist did say was surgery would be only done if the other treatments didn't work as I had an aortic valve replacement in 2016 and I have to take blood thinners.

Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar position with my numbers and scan results and how has their journey been?

Thanks for reading. 

  • Hi Workyticket, 

    My numbers are very similar to yours. I had 4+5 gleason score and a PSA of 35. 

    As there was evidence of cancer in pelvic lymph nodes I was told that surgery was not an option and I was given hormone therapy. I will have radiotherapy when the tumour has shrunk enough. 

    The good news is that after about 2 months of hormone therapy my PSA is down to 0.57. I am getting fatigue from the treatment though. I'm starting abiraterone tomorrow, with which I am also to be given steroids, and that should help with the fatigue. 

    I hope your meeting goes well :) 

  • Hello Workyticket and a warm welcome to the forum, though my stats are similar, my cancer is a low secreter so my PSA 8.2 is irrelevant .I am T4 and Gleason 10.and like you I have heart issues which rule out chemotherapy and anything but a very small dose local anaesthetic. Diagnosed 08 2022, HT hormone therapy straight away with RT radiotherapy 04 2023 70gy in 20 fractions. As my PCa had metastasised my treatment was to control not to cure, but it has worked as well as hoped so should have a few more years yet, though my present HT is losing effectiveness alternatives are ready when needed, I had a few side effects, over most of them, live a pretty normal life, even getting married Wonky as your tumour is contained your treatment will hopefully be to cure, My best wishes to you.


  • Hi MichaelR

    looks like we are all following the same path, surgery was also not an option for me however neither was radiotherapy but  the decision on RT was changed through a positive response to CT, you never know surgery may become an option. My PSA was also down to 0.5 but has crept up over the last 12 months to 2.2, now on Bicalutamide alongside Hormone injections, hopefully next reading will be down again. Good luck

  • Good Morning  and another warm welcome to the online Community from me. I know you didn't want to join the club - but it's a great place for help and advice.

    Like you surgery for me wasn't an option, however I am a Gleason 9 with and initial PSA of 182 - 29 months down the HT/RT route and I am still on a "Curative Pathway".

    You can read my full story by clicking on my avatar - if you have any questions, please ask 

    I hope there's good news following your MDT meeting.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • I had a call from the hospital Friday, after the MDT last Thursday they now want me to go for a PET scan before they start my treatment, fingers crossed the appointment comes through quickly.

  • Hi Workyticket, hopefully your appointment will come through soon so that you can start your journey to recovery, keep in touch, hope all goes well

     best wishes


  • Hi Workyticket, best wishes with the PET scan, If you call the hospital in the morning and offer to fill in should anyone cancel their scan, you could get yours earlier. take care.


  • Eddie I am on strict orders from 'her who shall be obeyed' to call them tomorrow to find out when the appointment is, I will also put forward an offer to fill any spaces at short notice if one comes up, I'm only half an hour from the hospital which does these scans. 'Her who shall be obeyed' is working from home this week and is under orders to open any post for me. 

  • A happy wife means a happy life, Sounds like you are well on top of things, best wishes.


  • The PET scan was cancelled due to the radioactive trace injection not meeting quality assurance standards. Consequently the hormone treatment was also cancelled as the consultants want a clear view of where my cancer is hiding. Both scan and treatment booked in for next Wednesday/Thursday.