My husband's prostate journey

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Hi everyone I'm new to this page so please excuse me if I ramble on, my hubby was diagnosed DLBCL 2 yrs ago, he went into full remission last summer we were absolutely and looking forward to getting back to normal we had just gotten over that when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, so at end of January this year he had his op, he recovered well, no problems etc.  He was back for his check up today, his PSA is through the roof so it seems he has cancer somewhere in his body, we are both devastated, so it's back to waiting on scans etc.  My head is fit to burst, I'm trying to be very brave for him, but I just want to howl at the moon, he is very matter of fact about everything, so fingers crossed for him for his upcoming battle, thank you for listening to me


  • Thank you Eddie think we just went into shock yesterday, but hope we will have a good result when he starts his treatment


  • Thank you for your reply, yes I went into panic mode yesterday, after reading all the replies I am starting to relax  a bit, hope he is not waiting to long for his scans so he can start his treatment, will let you know how it goes.

  • Hi Hibbie.

    Good morning and a big welcome to our prostate family.

    Yes I had my diagnosis in June last year and it was a big shock hearing the word "Cancer"

    I have battled back from the edge before following a "Stroke" so this "Cancer" had better get ready for one hell of a fight.

    My original PSA was plus 1000 which was "crazy".

    I was put on Hormone Therapy (tablets and injections) straight away and my last PSA number was 0.2.

    We couldn't believe that this would be the case so many questions were asked with the consultant showing us the data on his pc.

    My Cancer has also spread to my bones unfortunately & we have been told that there's no cure.

    But I have to remain upbeat and positive as I am only 58 years old. We didn't think that I would have been here for last Xmas but here I am in April and still Fighting this awful condition and it won't beat me!!!!

    I do hope that everything goes ok for you both and I will be thinking of you!!!

    Please please come back to me if you want any help/support.

    Prostate Worrier.

  • Hi Linda, no thanks necessary but appreciated,  everyone of us had a hard time coming to terms with our diagnosis, but we did, as you will. Can i ask, when he had his prostatectomy was he having hormone therapy alongside, glad the good people on the forum have calmed your nerves a little and helped you understand something about your husbands situation, best wishes.


  • Hi  ,  you have already had some great advice from the others.  We have all been there where you are, but I would add that once the HT starts there is absolutely no panic to get treatment started, although  makes a good point to try and get a PSMA PET scan, but I have a feeling that your team will wait for the next PSA first.  Good luck.  David

  • Hi Eddie, no he did not have hormone treatment at all, according to the surgeon they got it all, but obviously not, he started hormone treatment today.  Yes I feel much calmer today, just waiting now for scans, hope they don't take to long, will let you know how it goes and thank you again for your support it means a lot.


  • Hi Linda don't forget to let the hospital know you are prepared to fill in for someone else cancelling a scan at short notice, PS i have a choice of 5 hospitals within one hour i am ok travelling to, which saves time. take care.


  • Thanks Eddie, yes they already know this, I am worried it has spread to his bones and he ends up in a lot of pain, trying to be brave and keep myself occupied and not to dwell on it to much. 

  • Hi Linda, i understand you being worried about bone mets, especially as you have been told your husbands cancer i aggressive, my prostate cancer is one of the most aggressive types, and having cribriform variant adds to the aggressiveness, though diagnosed 2 years ago and no bone mets for me, best wishes.


  • Hi Linda,

    My husband PC spread to the bones and nodes in the pelvic area. There are many people in this community with spread to bones with far mets like ribs and spine.

    As Millibob said, we are no doctors but we speak from personal experience. The HT is shrinking the PC wherever it is in the body. My husband with mets to the bones has no pain. As long as his PSA dropping the PC is suppressed and life is almost normal.

    Of course you are worried and it is a good thing your husband is lay back. Keep active and keep supporting him. This Bast..d PC is very common so the NHS know how to treat it even if not curable. 

    Have a relaxing weekend and try to do something really nice together! Weather is beautiful tomorrow.

    Lots of love