Prostate cancer

Hi. New here. Husband diagnosed on Thursday. Gleason Score 9  Has reached wall of Prostate. Awaiting bone scan and Pet scan. We are stunned!  He is only 51

  • Hi . Go to the Prostate Cancer UK website ( and download the first document in the left hand column called " How Prostate Cancer is Diagnosed". It will give you a good start in understanding a lot of the jargon you will read on here and will help with the questions you need to ask.

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  • Can I just say you are all incredible. You have just given so freely of your time and experience to two total strangers. Thank you all so much.  We havelearned so múch from you already. I have a notebooks to hand and I am prepping questions for team on Monday. Today there has been tears, not from me. I am so relieved to see his tears. It is such a shock for both of us but he has to go through it.