Prostate cancer

Hi. New here. Husband diagnosed on Thursday. Gleason Score 9  Has reached wall of Prostate. Awaiting bone scan and Pet scan. We are stunned!  He is only 51

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear your news but glad you have found us. Whilst everyone is different, I am sure that there will be someone here who be able to help, with any questions you may have. 

    Have you anymore stats you can share - PSA, TMNO etc?

    I am assuming that, as the scans havnt yet been completed, there has been no discussion as to treatment. It would help for us to see what is decided in due course.

    It is a real shock for you both, particularly as he is so young, but the support is here for you.



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  • thanks for coming back Psa 11. Sorry we don't know what TMNo stand for. Think we have a lot of acronyms to learn !! Urologist just gave us results. Said next stage bone and Pet/ct to identify any spread and said options will be robotic surgery if its contained and Radiotherapy and another story has to take place if there are any hotspots. He said it's a higher grade than expected particularky as he is young, fit healthy, nó weight, etc so he will move on things quickly. Bone scan will take 3 weeks and results 2 weeks so we are in a kind of limbo now. We are both worried and we have no idea how to tell the kids, work, families, friends. 

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     PSA and Gleason are pretty much the same as mine. Unfortunately, my cancer had got into one lymph gland, so I wasn't offered the option to get rid of the prostate. I have to say, all I wanted to do was rid myself of it. In a way, having no choice was a benefit,as I didn't have to make a decision on treatment - other than yes or no of course.

    You will get the TMNO details, I imagine, in the letter from the hospital to his GP. I experienced poor communication between the hospital and GP so make sure he is copied in on all correspondence.

    It's very early days, and whilst I fully understand the shock, PC is a slow developing cancer and it sounds like the professionals are on his case.

    Has he been put on any drugs in the interim - Prostap  Bicalutamide etc? If so they will stop the cancer from growing until the hospital results and Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) have met to determine options.

    Hope this helps!



    Trying to get fit again!
  • Hi FC 

    Sorry to hear, it is a big shock when u first hear.

    As Scampi has already said TMNO figures would be helpful, would show if it has spread outside the gland 

    Another way is to ask for a copy of the MRI report which should be able to show the size and location within the gland. 

    Getting hold of both of these would be helpful and in theory available now if u ask the cancer center

    Best wishes Steve

  • That's a great help. Thanks. I will follow up on Monday about the drugs and at least we know what questions to start asking

  •   thanks for this. They don't know yet if its spread outside the gland. They said team will contact us to organise next phase ie pet scan and bone scan to look for mestasis. That will take about 6 or 7 weeks from scan to results. 

  • good news PSA only 11, would indicate that still within the gland, not always but a good indication, fingers crossed

  • Thanks for that. That's something to hope for. We just wish things would move a bit quicker so we would know either way. He is struggling a bit with the news as you would expect and doesn't want anyone to know

  • It's quite a wait for more scans , which is often normal but in the meantime u could request copies of MRI and biopsy reports.

    It could put your mind at rest, especially once you come on here, obviously people to advise you 

    Sometimes it's just all about knowing what you're up against and that does make it a bit easier.

    Good luck 


  • Hi, Sorry to hear about the diagnosis.I was diagnosed with T2N0M1 (No lymph node spread but spread to bones) in March at the age of 50. Gleason was 9 (5+4). No symptoms but PSA was 16 and picked up on my annual medical. I have no other health issues. Treatment started promptly with Bicalutamide tablets and a Prostap injection a short time after. I have now had 3rd chemo session and PSA reading is now below 1. Depending on where I am after the chemo there may also be radiotherapy. ADT together with chemo generally is well tolerated at my age and this gives a good prospect of control over this cancer. Although the diagnosis is a major shock please stay positive as there are many treatments that can be used to treat this.