Hi all

I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 3 weeks ago, i dont know much about it, i was by myself at the consultation when i was told. I was expecting it but it still hit me like a train, think i was too much in shock to ask questions at the time. I have noticed the word advanced in a letter from hospital. It has left me very scared and anxious about asking questions in case it turns out to be very bad news.

I have been having episodes of feeling quite unwell for last 9 months, this led to the investigations that found the cancer, i am still not sure whether the episodes are linked to the cancer, the cosultant said he didnt associate my symptons with my condition.

It has turnrd my life upside down, i was a very active  happy go lucky 68 yr old, still working 3 days a week by choice. Know i find myself feeling constantly ill and worried.

I am not new to cancer, 27 years ago i had bowel cancer, i have lived a normal life even though i was left with a permanent colostomy.

Any help advice support appreciated

  • Hi

    I too was diagnosed two weeks ago following an MRI.  I understand I have stage 3 locally advanced prostate cancer.  In the positive side the MRI showed it hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes and a bone scan also appears clear.  I’m 54 so quite young in prostate cancer terms…

    I have done a lot of reading that helped on 


    I was also alone so have had to try to pass on as much info to my wife and family as I can remember.  I have a biopsy booked in the next 14 days when I presume a treatment plan will be put in place.

    I can only suggest asking questions, read the documentation online that may help you understand what the symptoms of prostate cancer are.  Speak to your doctor.  It’s difficult I appreciate but my advice would be speak your mind and use whatever language you need to get your concerns across and to get the answers you need.

    My biggest worry is what will the treatment options be and until the biopsy I just have to wait…

    Best Wishes to you for a full recovery

  • Hi Rob, sorry to hear 

    If you have any stats to give that would help with any advice given.

    ie, PSa, Gleeson score and what any scans are showing.



  • Hi Rob321

    Welcome to the Prostate Cancer forum.  We are all in the same boat. You will find a lot of good information from men who have experienced a lot.  I found (and still find) this forum very informative and interesting.  I feel that I can now tell others how I have coped.

    I was diagnosed with locally advanced Prostate Cancer last May.  My partner was with me, good job as the words of the diagnosis went straight over my head.  It was as if I was there in body but not mind.  The only good news was it hadn't spread to my bones.

    It took a while to accept the diagnosis.  Lots of crying.  I had 20 sessions of IMAT Radiation last October (every weekday for a month).

    Skip ahead to 15th February, I was told that I was in Biochemical Remission, so as long as my PSA levels can stay between 0 and 2, my Oncologist will be happy.  No more Hormone Injections.

    I was due a Colonoscopy last November but I couldn't because of the Radiation in my body.  I have the green light now but must be on the bottom of the list.

    If I get Colon Cancer I don't think it will hit me as bad as the Prostate Cancer did last year.

    I'm a lot stronger now, mentally.

    What I have found is that I ramble on and on at times.

    All the best with your treatment.



    "In Biochemical Remission, hope it lasts ".

  • Hi Rob

    Welcome to the group no one wants to be in, but fantastic for help and advice, a lot of things go spinning through your head it’s easy to forget things, just on your next visit write questions down it always helps. When I was going through treatment, I was frightened of taking pain killers or anything, minor ailments had nothing to do with the disease but you think what next, don’t worry, just listen to your team and ask questions, that’s what their there for.

    Stay safe


  • Hi stevecam

    i had a colonoscopy, I had radiation prostitis, the procedure was a bit sore, five female nurses ( grief ) you can see the screen, not entertaining, worse one. I had was the endoscopy now that freaked me out, hope you get yours soon.

    Stay safe


  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for that.  

    I had an Endoscopy last December, it was like swallowing a sword! 

    Came back clear.



    "In Biochemical Remission, hope it lasts ".

  • Hello Rob,

    I was diagnosed last September. My wife accompanied me to the Bad News consultation and that was a great help. I’ve recorded subsequent consultations on my phone, largely because the oncologist speaks so fast that it’s difficult to follow. The doctors and nursing staff are comfortable with that and encourage it. You’ll find sound sense and reassuring expertise here - the real experts in Prostate Cancer are us, the patients. I tend to say “Don’t worry until there’s something to worry about and very little then.”

    Richard the Shellback

    The situation is desperate - but not serious.

  • Hi Rob my husband Keith was 47 and diagnosed with advance prostate cancer initially we where told of various treatments chemo radiotherapy and surgery however  Keith’s had spread to nodes bones and other tissues chemo was still a possibility depending on biopsy results sadly that was then with drawn he is on hormone injections and did try a trial drug however he had bad reactions to it he is no longer seeing oncologist and has been referred back to urologist for check ups everyone has different journeys and I with you the very best with your 

    Maria x

  • Thanks for your advice, sorry late response but going through bit of a rough time at the moment possiby due to other hralth issues

  • Hi Grundo, thanks for responding,  the stats i know of are psa 12, gleeson 4 + 4,

    Its localy advanced, mri and other scan show no spread to anywhere else.

    My main pronlem is why am i feeling really ill 75% of waking hours, other 25% of time i feel ALMOST normal.

    Its seems to be getting worse and more intense daily, and more so since starting on the hormone therapy pills, but i did have these symptons prior to taking them.