Supplements and chemo

Hi all

My husband has recently been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. He had an incidental blood test due to high blood pressure and fortunately his GP asked for a PSA. It came back at 60 and 2 weeks later after biopsy and MRI we were told it had spread to his lymph with Gleason score of 10 and he would start chemotherapy. It obviously came as an awful shock - he is only 49 and we have 2 young children. 

He has now has three courses of chemotherapy. The main reason I would really like help is that he has completely changed his diet and now taking endless supplements and vitamins. Lots of antioxidants and herbal things. So much.

But now in a bit of a panic as we have been told that there could be some interaction with his chemotherapy and could reduce effectiveness but we don’t know if this is correct. We have asked the oncologist and they don’t really know. 

Has anyone got any opinion on this and can help us? He has coped with the chemo so far really well but I am terrified the supplements might be reducing its effect.

Thank you so much 

  • Hi

    Sorry about the news, from the start of mine ( which is incurable ) I googled everything I could that would help, there are a few things first pomegranate juice then there’s a vitamin called Pomi-t it has turmeric, green tea pomegranate and Broccoli in it, then there’s fish white meat brown rice whole meal bread mixed pulses, tomatoes garlic, try to avoid surgery items. Look them all up on the net.

    hope that helps. Remember he is a fairly young strong guy, excersize always helps, he has plenty of years in him I’am into my sixth year so just get him to be positive, don’t reflect on the why me thing, just carry on as best you can.

    Stay safe


  • Thanks Joe. I appreciate your help and positive words.