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I have just started on Hormone Therapy (I haven't got used to calling it HT yet) and am taking advice from many here - thank you all of you.

The best advice is that I need to tackle the things I can and put aside worry on the ones I can't. So, it's diet and exercise.

My lady wife has the diet stuff under control. She is having an operation to remove a polyp (could be seen but not removed by the colonoscopy, as it was hiding behind the appendix - so they are going in through the roof tomorrow, a laparoscopy I think they call it) so I have a weeks' worth of salads to make. For some reason she doesn't rate my cooking....

It's the exercise that I need advice on.

I read that HT (see, I did it that time) can cause problems with bones and muscle wasting.

I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes every day - even when it's raining - and assume I should carry on with that. 

Summertime I cycle a bit. I have a history of dismounting headfirst, so I am seeking advice on whether I should stop or not. Practical advice, not from medical specialists, who alsway seem to look at me as if I have two heads.

So, should I quit cycling?

I also read that light wieghts are good to retain muscle mass. I have got some weights (belonged to younger daughter) but I have no idea what exercises to actually do

Does anyone have any links to exercise videos or documents listing the right rate of exercise?

The trying not to worry thing is working, although I do have some moments where the voice in my head says "worry you plonker, you've got cancer". I am telling it to be quiet.