Travel Insurance with Terminal cancer

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A friend on the LWIC forum is hoping to go to Canada, she has more than 6 months left, and needs insurance in under 8 weeks, thank you for any suggestions

  • Hello Eddie  ( 

    Here's the link you need to our Travel Insurance forum

    Travel insurance forum for cancer patients 

    All travel insurance companies use the same algorithms to give online quotes so she would be better off telephoning the insurance Companies to get a quote - it would save time.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thank you Brian, could I ask, sorry I don't know if your allowed on the LWIC forum, and hope you never qualify, would you be able to put this post and AH's post on the LWIC forum, it's for Alana01, take care.


  • Thank you AH, always appreciated, take care.

    love Eddie xx

  • Hi Eddie ( 

    As a Community Champion I can go anywhere apart from the two "only" forums. You have some Champions on there who are incurables and they look after those two forums.

    Here's how to post the link by yourself:

    * Type in @ and a box will appear on screen.

    * Start typing Travel Insurance

    * On the top line under "Groups" - click on that then "Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients - and there's your link.

    Any problems - give me a shout.

    Kind Regards - Brian.

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  • Hi AH, sorry I should have asked, how are you and hubby doing, I remember you said he likes a bit of heat, but heard on the radio there's a heatwave in Greece 40+ degree's, I hope it's just right where you are, though I've heard Ice cream cools you down. Tell me where do the couple who live in what seems like a little piece of heaven go to on their holiday, best wishes to you both.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi Eddie.

    Things are going well here but the heat is definitely ramping up. We live by the sea so today only reached 38C. Our lifesaver is the swimming pool which has strategically placed umbrellas so that we can sit in the water in the shade. Tomorrow is forecast to be 3 degrees warmer which is getting too warm for comfort so it will be a case of sitting indoors by the fan or with the aircon on.

    For us holidays were all over the place in Europe plus we spent many years cruising the Baltic, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Canaries, Madeira and all the way through the Med. Sadly we limit it to Greece now as hubby no longer wants to travel much but there are still plenty of places to explore that we can drive to. The only ones we don't like are the unplanned 'holidays' in Athens.

  • As for copying the links, if you have a mobile, you could always go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the screen, press on it and you should be given the option to copy the whole topic 'Travel Insurance with Terminal Cancer'. Press on it then go to the page for the question from Alana01. Press reply and then Paste in the thread by clicking on the box. Don't forget to click on the new line before hitting Reply.

  • On your time in Norway, did you ever go to Tromso, I ask as Sheila and me are going, for no other reason than the flight, well perhaps a little more, I've never been on a plane and didn't want my 1st flight to be to Australia, I had an unplanned holiday Friday, 12 hours in A+E after collapsing, all ok now, AH that question, SBRT on PCa adrenal gland mets, I got nowhere sorry, only useful info was LHRH agonists have no effect on adrenal gland testosterone production, saw my LCN today, I have asked for a PSMA PET CT which she has requested for me at my cancer hospital, she told me just 6 years ago she had to send patients to London for one, hope it cool down at night so you can sleep, take care.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi Eddie.

    Sorry to hear that you had another trip to A&E but good news about being able to get a PSMA PET CT, hopefully soon.

    Yes we went to Tromso and visited the Arctic museum and Cathedral. We went there in June and were surprised how warm it was - it was on Hubbys bucket list as he had been there on patrol during his Navy days. We also went further north to the North Cape and visited the Sami people which was fascinating so if that kind of thing interests you then try and visit a camp. If you are going soon then it is the land of the midnight sun which knocks your body clock plus you are unlikely to see the Aurora Borealis which is a shame as it is quite spectacular. We did find it very expensive so be prepared. Norway was one of our favourites. Have a lovely time.

    From what I understand Abiraterone can be useful for adrenal gland mets but it doesn't confer much benefit if used after Enzalutamide (which hubby has already had). The best treatment is possibly surgery but there have been good results with the SBRT.