Dad is saying he’s been in severe pain with the whole of his back today but yet he’s refusing to take the Oxycodone liquid.

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I’m just really stressed atm because my Dad is telling both my older sister and myself that he’s in a lot of pain, but at the same time he’s refusing to take the Oxycodone liquid pain meds, n he also seems to think he’ll be able to care for himself in a couple wks time without having in any carers once the free care has finished at the end of nxt wk. And I wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar to my situation ? I’m finding this so stressful n his care company seem useless when it comes to communication skills, even my sister is finding it all very stressful. I just fear that we’ll have to wait for the inevitable to happen, n that is that he’ll end up injuring himself badly n will end up bk in Hospt, n all cos if his own stubbornness n of not going into a care home where he will get specialist 24hr care, as neither myself, my sister or brother is able to care for him 24/7 it’s just not possible. 

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    I am so sorry to read of your dad's issues. Without having a medical background if dad is in pain and refusing to take his prescribed medication you need to ring 111 or get him to the nearest A & E as soon as possible.

    Once you have sorted the pain issues out will you please ring our support line on 0808 808 00 00 (8am to 8pm 7 days a week) - let them know what is happening and they will be able to provide you with some extra help and support.

    Will you please get back to me and let me know how you get on.

    If I can do anything else for you please come back to me.

    Kind Regards - Brian

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  • Does he have a key worker or Macmillan nurse assigned to him?  If so get in touch with them.  Or contact Macmillan or other Cancer specialist nurses in your area to see if they can help.  A good source of help is either Macmillan so ring them or Prostate Cancer UK prostate cancer specialist nurses on freephone number 0800 074 8383.  they are open Mon, Tues, Thu, And Fri 9am to 5pm and on Wednesdays from 7am until 9pm.  They will be able to advise you and point you in the right direction for further help.  Does your Dad have a Social Services key worker assigned to him - if so contact them too and ask for help and advise about what happens in the future with his care needs.  You should be able to contact them through Social services usually via your Dad's lcal council.  I would also contact his GP surgery urgently and ask for a home visit.  Failing this call 111 or take to A&E.  You need to get the pain issues sorted out first and then get on to see what help you and he can access the future and all of you need to speak to someone who can explain the situation to you and the help available - usually Social Services but this may have changed since I contacted them many years ago for care for my elderly parents.

    All the very best to you all at this very trying time and hope you can sort things out.

  • Oxycodone is only about momentary pain relief.

    What is causing the pain in his back? Is it metastases or something else?

    Is your dad under any treatment for prostate cancer at the moment?