Hi. Everyone just been diagnosed.

Hi I am 65 years old from Ni.Ireland I had a prostate biopsy done on 23rd March 2022. I was supposed to get my  results on the 13 th May.. This appointment was then cancelled until the 8th June . I actually know my results through my local GP. Results came back positive for Cancer..I don't know how severe it is ,but can I assume it's not too bad as my appointment has been delayed for another 4 weeks . I would appreciate if anyone can help. Thank you .

  • Hi Flashy. Thanks for your input. You mentioned underlying health issues.i actually have angina and got 2 heart valve stents fitted about 9 years ago,just wondering if this will impact and descion for treatment.also have a slightly increase in size Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm which is being checked annually .Has anyone any information or thoughts on this . Thanks again Flashy hope your recovery continues to improve and your weight doesn't cause any problems.

  • Hi Petsin,

    I am also NI based. Good luck for the 8th and do keep us posted.

    • Hi Eagle l thank you . Can I ask when you were first diagnosed and how long after did you get your treatment .Also were you still working right up until your operation ..The only symptoms I have Is running to loo more , otherwise I feel not too bad .Thank you Petsin .
  • Hi Petsn

    In my case I was given hormone tablets, then there was a fair few scans, before my PSA dropped to a level and my blood count was acceptable for chemotherapy, I felt fine at the time and was very active going to the gym, even though retired 64, so it all depends on when their happy to go ahead with the treatment.

    Stay safe


  • Hi Petsin

    I received my diagnosis 1st week in December 2021 following biopsy; with  further telephone consultation afterwards in March. This was ample time to take in the news; leave consultation  room with relevant literature to process information. This was followed by a referral to City hospital which offers cancer care in NI. With COVID cases taken priority was informed that there could be a 3 months waiting for surgery. This time afforded me opportunity to explore other options such as radiotherapy and meet with specialist in that field.  I could opt to have surgery done earlier if I did not mind travelling to Ireland; which I ended up doing. I had taken the last week before my surgery to prepare me both mentally and physically for the process and believe me that time flew by so quickly.

    Hope all goes well on the 8th 

  • Hi Eagle. I .Well had my telephone consultation on Wednesday the 8th past. So basically some positive news cancer hadn't spread outside the prostate which is a big relief. So consultant said that 2 options are available first is to get prostate removed through surgery.,or Radiotherapy. He referred me to the city hospital for an appointment to talk through options with radiologist and other members of medical team., hopefully this will take place within 3 to 4 weeks .He mentioned having to get hormone injections for 3 months prior to any radiotherapy  .Can any one enlighten me on hormone injections how often over the 3 months would I get them .as for Radiotherapy I was told it could last anything between 4 to 7 weeks.again any information anyone can give relating to this ..Thank you . Petsin 

  • Hi Petsin

    Hormone injections are quite normal alongside Radiotherapy, reduces tumour size . Not an expert on HT so hopefully someone will post who has had it.

    some RT is given over 4 weeks , possibly the latest treatments while others are given over 7 weeks but still ends up with the same amount of treatment, just spread out more.

    RT and HT together is a good alternative to surgery, works well without having to go thru a major op. One downside , u can still have RT after surgery if the cancer returns but difficult doing surgery after RT.

    see what others say


  • Hi

    Hormone injections, in my experience, can be given monthly or quarterly. I had my 2nd after a month and then switched to quarterly.

    Most of the other guys had 20 sessions of RT over a 4 week period but because of mine being slightly out of the prostate I received 37 sessions over a 7.5 week period ( Christmas got in the way!). They 'open' up the focus on the RT beam,  which weakens the dose. So, to get the correct dose I needed more sessions - if that makes sense.

    The RT sessions, although one is only being irradiated for a few minutes, will take up a big chunk of your day. You will be required to use a micro enema , which most of us used in the hospital, as I think we were all afraid of the consequences of not being close to a toilet. Also you will need to drink ( in my case, I believe it varies) 600ml of water about 30mins before your appointment.

    If you end up going down the RT route, please pay particular attention to the dietary advice given - I didn't over Christmas 2019 and it really wasn't a good idea! 

    Hope this helps.


    Trying to get fit again!
  • Hi  Steve thanks for your input its looks like I have lots to consider before I make a final decision hopefully will get an appointment in soon to see radiologist and others and listen to what they have to say .Again  thank you hopefully you doing ok and getting back to a more normal life