Hi. Everyone just been diagnosed.

Hi I am 65 years old from Ni.Ireland I had a prostate biopsy done on 23rd March 2022. I was supposed to get my  results on the 13 th May.. This appointment was then cancelled until the 8th June . I actually know my results through my local GP. Results came back positive for Cancer..I don't know how severe it is ,but can I assume it's not too bad as my appointment has been delayed for another 4 weeks . I would appreciate if anyone can help. Thank you .

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    It will greatly help us once you’ve got your results, make sure you have questions ready to ask, take someone with you just in case you miss something always helps.



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    If you have your results via your GP, as Joe says, can you share them with us?  The GP stating you are positive isn't very helpful . What you need are facts so I would push the GP to give you as much as they can.

    Have either the hospital or GP given you any drugs to take in the interim - hormone therapy ? If they have, as PC is very slow growing, the delay to see the Consultant isn't much of a  issue. 

    Anyway, please come back to us when you have more information.



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  • Hi everyone thanks for your advice been on with my GP. Now have a bit more information .have been told my biopsy results came back with a Gleason score of 3+4  can anyone shed any light on what this means  won't see my  consultant until  8th June . Thanks 

  • Hi  I also had a Gleason 3+4 when I had my biopsy. I was informed that this meant that the abnormal cell growth was contained within the prostate in other words localised and that this offers a good prognosis in terms of treatment. It can be nerve-wrecking when you get a cancer diagnosis; coming to terms with this, dealing with acceptance of this life changing situation can be managed by getting as much information as you can does help and prepares you for your meeting the consultant.  8th of June will hopefully give sometime to do some research online and help you familiarise yourself with technologies relating to prostate cancer such as the different types of treatment pathways etc. Hope you find this useful and good luck for the 8th. 

  • Hi The first thing to do is visit the Prosate Cancer UK website and download the first document in the left-hand column titled "How Prostate Cancer Is Diagnosed". That will give you a good starting point. Please come back with any questions as  someone on here will have an answer for you.

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  • Good morning Eagle l thank you for your feedback .I have done some more research into what my results of a Gleason 3+4 means I have to say it's very encouraging what I was reading, but until I speak to my consultant I don't know what treatment if any  will be best . Can I ask you did you receive any treatment and what  it was. ?. Again thank you .

  • Hi Petsin

    Thank you for your response; good to know you are doing some research. I opted for robotic keyhole surgery which I had over 2 weeks ago. I had results from pathology this week with the good news that my cancer was localised and with clear margins meaning it had not spread. 

  • Hi Eagle l. Thank you for your response. Glad to hear your treatment went well and the news that  your cancer hadn't spread outside the prostate, that must have been the best news ever. Still doing more research  on different treatments so when I speak to consultant I hopefully will be able to understand what treatments he recommends..It can be overwhelming the amount of information out there but  it helps to chat with real people who have been there and gone through it. Thank you so much for sharing .If you don't mind I will let you know what's going to happen after my consultation.   Petsin

  • Hi Stuart.Thank for the advice. Firstly let me tell you that I had no symptoms at all apart from maybe going to toilet more often.Anyway after seeing my GP for something else back in November 2021 she decided to get my bloods checked one check was my PSA level which came back at 7.90.after more bloods taken 4 weeks later my PSA level had gone up to 9.72. I was then called in for a rectal exam were my prostate was found to be swollen.To cut a long story short was referred to Urology clinic this led to having a MRI scan then biopsy. Results came back cancer with a Gleason score 3+4 actually got these results from my GP. Have done more research online which can be very overwhelming.But thank goodness this forum is great I can chat with real people who have been there and done that .So waiting to see my consultant on the 8th June Again thank you I will post after the 8th to let you know how's things have progressed.   Petsin 

  • Hi Petsin, if you don’t have other underlying health condition & your cancer is contained in your prostate, might be worthwhile asking consultant if prostate can be removed.

    ive got a Gleason score of 9 & my pas has come down from 32.3 to 0.06 I’m  on hormone treatment 3 monthly with prostap3 

    my only symptoms now are putting on weight & tired

    good luck with consultant in June