Hormone injection for prostate cancer

Had radiotherapy for prostate cancer 8months ago been on hormone injections for 18 months should be on them for another 3 years but I am extremely depressed and tearful my oncologist said it’s the hormone therapy causing the depression and to come off the treatment. Having really bad thoughts and feelings now for the past 3-4 months really struggling!! Has anyone else experienced this ?? Please help I need to know and how long after the treatment finishes will this end.  D 

  • Hi Asta

    I have 3 more injections to go with the last one this December. I havnt had the side effects you have mentioned - for me it's the tiredness and lack of stamina.

    Has the oncologist suggested changing the medication, or just stopping? 

    My understanding, is the effects of the  hormone blocking drugs, will stay with you for months after its stopped although, it will tail off.

    Hope this helps and sorry you are suffering so much.


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  • Thanks for getting back to me ,the oncologist has said stop altogether I had my last one 3 week ago. Unlike you I don’t have fatigue but like I said extremely depressed down and tearful day after day I have been put on antidepressants this doesn’t seem to make any difference though.  Asta 

  • Hi Asta, I struggled with depression during HT and took either Sertraline or fluoxetine for it. If it were me I would ask for an urgent referral to a mental health specialist before you come off the HT. the tablets took the edge off the anxiety/depression and I was on the lowest dose.


  • I was on HT for 3 years, but my side effects were not as severe as yours. Almost all the temporary effects (including the mood stuff) was noticeably better after about three months, and pretty much gone in 6-8 months.

    I agree with Ido4: it's worth getting a mental health assessment before quitting the hormones, if you can. If they feel that alternatives may help that's great; if they don't, you've lost nothing by trying.

    Good Luck!

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