Any help out there? My partner has pancreatic cancer stage 4

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my partner has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 10 days ago!

in March this year he was admitted to hospital and was told he had a tumour on the pancreas stage 1b since then he hasn’t had any treatment or help just given morphine for the pain!!

  • I’m so so sorry to read about your partner. Have you not seen an oncologist yet? Having been through the journey with my husband, I’m sure he will get very well looked after once the treatment starts x

  • Hi there. No we haven’t seen him yet. We are meeting with him Friday. But have already been told that there’s nothing they can do other than palliative chemo! Xx

  • How is your husband doing?

    I can’t believe my partner (48) has gone from stage 1 to stage 4 in only a few months x

  • Well if it helps, my husband was diagnosed with the same and he was 80, 20 years older than me and all I can say is just focus on every day, easier said than done, I know but we just set out to keep him going as long as we could tried to be positive 15 months x

  • 48 that is no age. I’m devastated for you both. Sadly he passed on the 15th April just gone , but was diagnosed in feb 2023. So you have to fight and fight, your mindset plays a massive part that I can tell you for sure x

  • Thank you so much. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your husband.

    can I ask what helped most with his pain?

    as we have morphine but it doesn’t seem to help much and is causing Julian problems going to the toilet. Which again is so painful for him xx

  • Thank you. Initially he had Morphine, but as time went on the dose was upped, and then a syringe driver was fitted. Any other questions feel free to ask x

  • This is crazy … the fact that the hospital did nothing when the tumour was stage 1 .  This should have been operable … can I ask what hospital this was ? It seems there has been a failure to act . I wish you all the best x

  • Hi ...So sorry to hear your news.However, and this won’t necessarily help. I really think the initial diagnosis must have been completely inaccurate, if not, someone has been very incompetent! The stages of pancreatic cancer are much more complex than other cancers and it takes ( normally) years to go from stage 1-4. Doesn’t help you at the moment.Our first diagnosis with a nearly 7cm tumour was very negative.. the McMillan nurse said pancreatic, spread to liver and lymph nodes.I asked for the stage, She could not tell me.I made her write a referral letter to tge cancer hospital and got my husband into the cancer hospital clinic the next afternoon. The tumour was large but had not spread..... When you go into the meeting with the oncologist, write everything down, your partner will be in shock.You will have to battle for him.We beat it once..chemo radio, whipple surgery, chemo.But it came back metastisised to the liver, but very early discovery.Then 6 months chemo..with bad reactions for the first time.A medical intervention and we kept fighting.Now we are dealing with sepsis infections....but we keep going.

    Sending you best wishes, you both have a battle, but keep going. I hope that you both find some peace.

  • It was the princess royal ( Farnborough) part of kings college hospital