Oncology review today

My husband had an Oncology appointment today And we are both so pleased that they couldn't find any significant changes with his Mesothelioma.  He was diagnosed with Meso in May 2016 and we were told he had about 18 months to live. Since diagnosis he has been really well, he does tend to get tired ( but he is always very active anyway) and a little breathless after climbing stairs - but nothing like we had imagined! Is this normal progression of Meso after such a diagnosis? 

we are both so pleased with today's results - but I'm worried about how we will cope when he starts to feel ill. Has anybody got any similar circumstances? I would love to heat from you.

  • You should always get a second opinion in one of the main hospitals. We have to travel for treatment as not all the hospitals deal with Trials and trials is the way to get the new drugs that are coming out.

    St Barts and Leicster are the manin hospitals for our treatment.

    Good luck to you dad he must have a slow grower which is good as it gives you time to sort treatment out.

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    I am pleased your appointment went well. My husband was diagnosed in May too of this year and we have a scan the end of this month to see how fast it us progressing. Last appointment we had they said without treatment could be about 8 months. My husband well at moment, and it is so hard to believe sometimes. Like your husband he gets tired, but is active too. Like you, I do not know what to expect. Hoping his next scan is fine too.

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    My Grandma was diagnosed about 4 years ago now and at first we were given a 12 month prognosis.  She had a drain fitted to clear the fluid in her lung and then she had radiotherapy.  This seemed to stop the meso in it's tracks and she was soon able to get the drain removed and life continued as normal for quite a while.  Regular scans showed the meso was dormant. She was prone to chest infections and pneumonia was always a danger but otherwise she was pretty mobile for a woman in her 80's.

    It's only recently the meso has started to progress again but we're extremely lucky to have had her for much longer than expected.

    I hope your Husband has a similar experience!

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    Thank you for sharing, that is so good to hear. I was devastated when they gave us that prognosis but being on this site and hearing from people who were in the same situation gives us so much hope. They have said that depending on his next scan, he can start chemo and also a trial drug, so we are thinking about that too

  • Hi Cub,

    I know what you mean, it felt like our world had been rocked when we were given the diagnosis. But, I have to say that my husband has stayed upbeat (just a couple of downers right at the beginning) and I am confident that his positive frame of mind is helping him. We see our Oncologist again in October/early November but for now we are going to enjoy what is left of Summer!! 

    I wish you all the luck in the world and pray for a good scan result for you next time.

    thinking of you xx

  • It is so good to read stories from people who have defied the prognosis!! It really gives us hope. Your Grandma is doing so well, bless her. Raise your glass to another four years!!! 

    Good luck to your family xxx

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    Hi there,

    That's really great news for you. With love and positive energy you really can defy the odds. My father was diagnosed 6 years ago and was given 18 months to live but he kept going and proving them wrong. With an operation, chemo and radiotherapy he kept this horrid disease at bay until the beginning of this year when it started growing again, the second round of chemo was unsuccessful and sadly he passed away in June but we were so lucky.

    Please don't dwell on the fact my father has passed but focus on the years he had after diagnosis, throughout the early days all we asked for was 1 more year, 2 more years, 3 etc, we used to cling on to the success stories. When someone survived 5 years we would hope our father would be as lucky and he was. 

    Although this journey is scary, please enjoy the time you have. No one really knows so don't dwell on anything, don't take anything for granted and I truly wish you both the best for the next 10 years plus.

  • Hi Sunshine Clover,

    thank you you so much for your message, it is so positive.  I hope that my husband will be as lucky as your father was but, like you, we will value every day together and stay strong. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. The mind is a very powerful tool in the fight against cancer. 

    We visited Durdle Door today in Dorset and we laughed as we climbed up a really steep hill back to our car!! He is supposed to be ill but he would NOT stop until he reached the top! He coped better than some much younger people. We will keep going and stay determined.

    lots of love to you and your family, and thank you for your message once again.

  • That is so good to hear and exercise is great. We have to keep our Lungs strong for the fight. Hope we get more nice weather so we can enjoy more days out in the fresh air.

    have a great weekend

  • Thank you locovan.  Hope you have a great weekend too 

    with all my best wishes