Confused about immunotherapy

I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer at the start of this year and have just had my first Chemo treatment on Monday.  Originally I was due to also have immunotherapy but had a call the day before I was scheduled to go in to say they had made a mistake and it would just be the chemo treatment.  I was disappointed as I  really wanted this  treatment, can anyone tell me if this is available on the NHS in England and if I should press for it.  Thank you

  • I believe it is available on the nhs.  Hopefully Locovan will come along soon as she’s quite an expert on immunotherapy having been through it a few times.

  • Wonder why they changed your treatment ? My husband was diagnosed January 2022, 3 days ago he had his 2nd chemo cisplatin & carboplatin … 3 days after chemo he has been sick & gets a pain in his side, sleeps a lot then picks up after a few days.  The doctors say this is the first go to treatment,  after just 3rd we have a scan to see if it works ….

  • I always used to imagine that the pain in the side or around the lung was the chemo fighting the meso!!!  I’d lie there dozing urging the chemo to do its worst!