Hi there, my partner was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma last autumn, and has had palliative chemo, but unfortunately that didn't really have much effect and he's now been offered immunotherapy.

I just wondered if anyone had had immunotherapy and what your experiences were - he's worried that the stress/potential side effects could outweigh any benefits.

  • I'm having immunotherapy at the moment. Started in January. They give you a long list of side effects which is very off putting, but it's OK so far. Minor stuff like itchy rash but these don't last too long. Remember it's only recently come into.use.  Early days yet as far as outcome. I'd go for it. 

  • Thanks very much and that's good to hear - I hope it keeps going well for you

  • Hi my mum aged 82 started immunotherapy last July no side effects. 

  • Wow, to do that at 82 is amazing, your mum is brave! In the end my partner decided not to do it as he couldn't face the trips into hospital and all the procedures. He's a bit better now as he's on steroids and they managed to put in a lung drain for him. I know that this won't last for ever but it's really good to see him more himself. I hope your mum keeps going well