Aviva Critical illness policy for Melanoma

Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with superficial spreading MM stage 1a 0.7mm with a mitotic rate of 1. I have been reassured that it is a fairly positive diagnosis and I am waiting on the results of my WLE. I am hoping that this comes back clear and I can relax a little more.

I was told to check on my critical illness policy to see if I am eligible to claim. I have coverage with Aviva who has taken over my original policy with Bupa since 2012. They seem to think I am covered and have processed my claim. They state that MM is covered providing it is classed as invasive and not in situ which I understand mine is.

Has anyone previously dealt with any successful claims with Aviva/Bupa? My health is the overwhelming priority in all of this but any kind of payout to enable me to secure our home for my wife and daughter if anything further was to appear would be massively reassuring.

Thanks in advance for any info.


  • Hi Lewis

    i was diagnosed with a 1b melanoma in January this year and, like you, made a claim through my workplace critical illness cover with Unum.  I searched the forum for critical illness claims at the time and I seem to remember many members had plans with Aviva which were straightforward to claim on.  I had to provide copies of hospital letters and I think they wrote for a medical report but it was all quite easy and they paid out within a few weeks. Like you, I would prefer not to be in this situation but it certainly helps knowing the money is there should my health worsen and I am unable to work.

    Hope all goes well for you x

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info, I'm glad to hear you were paid out.

    Hope your treatment has gone well!