Lung cancer surgery 3 weeks ago now need chemo

Hi i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and lung cancer within 2 weeks of each other. Fast forward I have now had hysterectomy for endometrial cancer and all good with no more treatment recommended. Had lobectomy for lung cancer 3 weeks ago and now they say it is in lymph nodes and recommend chemo. I am so scared of the chemo and all the side effects I have read about. I really thought I would get the same result as the endometrial cancer. Still very sore after surgery. Just confused and very scared. 

  • Hi shas, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here.  It’s certainly a rollercoaster that you are, with lots of bumps along the way. It is scary, and the fear of the unknown is terrifying. 

    My cancer also started as a womb cancer. I have endometrial stromal sarcoma, which is now in my lungs. I couldn’t have mine removed surgically as there were too many tumours scattered over both lungs. My cancer is oestrogen positive, so I am on hormone treatment, very similar to breast cancer treatment. 

    I haven’t had chemotherapy, but I know it may be an option for me at a later stage. Just the thought of it is scary, so I know how you feel. What I can tell you is chemo is not as bad as it was years ago. There are lots of ways they can help you with the side effects. The thing to remember also is that not everyone reacts the same way to treatment. Some people do have a rough time, and will tell you it is not easy, where as others sail through without much effects. My sister was one of the lucky ones. She had chemo for breast cancer, and she did manage it very well. 

    I know it’s not a nice thought, and I really do feel for you, but I think if it is needed to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back then it is necessary. I know I would throw everything at mine. 

    Im sure others will also be along to welcome you soon, hopefully someone can share their chemo experience with you x 


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  • Hi, I had a lobectomy & lung resection in January and started chemo a month ago. 

    It takes a while to recover from surgery, but I did and was really back to my normal self before chemo. It is a big surgery but I did get over it  fairly well. I got off the strong pain killers a month after surgery but stayed on the Gabapentin, which has really helped with the nerve pain & a microvable heat pack.

    First month I rested allot but took short walks outside each day and gradually increased activity till back to my norm.

    I have started chemo and am sitting beside other folks having chemo. Guy last week, 6 ft, 60s, long hair, arrived with his motorcyle helmet , so obviously on a bike, had his treatment and then left. It cheered me ,  as I realised I can do this, get over it and move on. My Chemo nurse told me to just to go on with my normal life bur be good to myself and kind, those words really helped. 

    Happy to chat, great to to talk to someone who has the same cancer.Ok handSmiley

  • Thank you so much for your reply. So how long after op did you start chemo? and how long are they saying you have to have it for. I am waiting for a phone call from the oncology department for an appointment to talk about it all. My main pain is my left boob. surgery was on my left lung. It feels like I have something really tight on and is digging in. How long before this feeling goes away. I am trying to get off strong pain meds. Haven't taken any for 2 days but am really sore. I am only at 3 weeks post surgery so I guess I should not be too hard on myself. Did they tell you you would lose your hair? x

  • Hello,

    So sorry that you are in this position, I'm in a similar situation. 

    I've had a right lower lobectomy and lymph nodes removed. I'm still taking pregbalin for nerve pain and I have a really numb and sore right boob which is a really strange sensation.

    I started  chemo 6 weeks post op. I worked really hard to get my fitness and health levels up so that I could start my chemo as soon  as possible. I've had my first round and it was tough. I couldn't move far  from a loo, had dreadful sickness and felt wiped out but only for about 10 days and started to feel back to normal. I have had a week off and feel great now, although insomnia has now kicked in Rolling eyes. I was really surprised how much the chemo took it out of me and I had become much more breathless again while moving. I have spent this week off fueling my body's with lots of fruit and veg and make sure I'm out walking daily.  I've been told I need 4 rounds so I'm almost half way there!! Wink

    I've been told my hair will thin but I should lose it. 

    I hope this helps and I'm happy to chat if you would like. Slight smile

  • Hi Rochyroo

    So sorry you are in same position as me.

    I am scared of the chemo and not looking forward to losing my hair. I have always had long hair, it has sort of been my thing. I hope you get through without too much more sickness. Keep me informed please. My surgeon mentioned something about 6 rounds. Waiting for oncology department to contact me. My boob is soooo sore.

  • Hello Shas, writing again, had chemo yesterday and so a busy day. I am now 12 weeks post surgery and have completed 3 weeks of Chemo of 4 cycles. I am Stage 2 so, the cancer was caught early. I know that  cases are triaged by Medical Staff, if your cancer is more advanced, you will be seen earlier for Chemo. It is reasonable to keep in touch with your Oncologist's booking secretary and as long as you know the Oncologist's name, you can call the department and speak with the Oncologist's secretary, or ask your GP or Cancer Nurse, or District Nurse, thar might be visitng you.

    The pain in your breast is a nerve pain and due to the incision and I still have it occasionally at 12 post surgery. I know thar any surgery intervention has this effect and numbness, as I have this in my left upper arm and armpit. I remember when I had a hysterectomy, it took time, a year or 2 to finally go. So I suppose the same. I also have upper back pain, which is referred pain coming from the lung at the front.

    Definately take the pills prescibed regulalry for this, with loads if pulls to get, I have got frustrated, as I din't luke taking pills. Having stipped and started my nerve med, I am now back taking it as presribed and wished.I had kept at it.

    With my pain controlled I feel better, as I think the pain does get you down. I am waiting to see my 3rd grandchild Bonnie in Ireland, born March and also Rosie there and Sophie in Scotland. Have not seen them since last July. So it has been hard, thank God for Whatsap!!!

    I am trying to be kinder to myself, dropped into a wool shop and started crotchet again, bought a book and went and had a London Fog tea in a  coffee shop, that had loud funky music playing, it lifted my spirits totally!!!

    I have also  taken up Duolingo App and learning German, as my daughter in law is from Germany, which is great fun!! Listening to music on Spotify and the radio, cannot do without it. Find it hard to concentrate with TV,as concentration not as good. 

    Hope all this rambling helps, but enjoy the chat, so keep it going!!!Rolling eyesKissing heart

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  • I’ve already looked at wigs should I need one later. I’ve always had fine hair so it would give me a reason to buy one. Not too expensive and rather like wearing a hat. Not a good thought though. GoBouquet luck with your chemo Bouquet

  • Hi Rose W

    I now have an appointment with oncology department for Friday. I think I will take my daughter wth me this time as my husband hasn't really been much help at appointments up till now. He actually fell asleep at one of them. I hope he doesn't get offended, might see if he can come too.

    I don't know what stage my cancer is. How do you know? no-one has told me.

    My eldest daughter lives in Carshalton, not far from London and I haven't seen her for two and half years. She was hoping to visit me in August but if I do the chemo I will still probably be doing it then. She has two girls, 6 and two and a half. I live in Australia so it is a long way. I do miss her so!

    I took a palexia last night again as the pain is really strong. I had not taken any for 3 days. Maybe I should just take it at night for a while. I still take panadol and gapentin as well.

    My daughter that is here also married an Irishman and all his family is over there. He went back Easter time for a visit. 

    How long is a cycle of chemo?

    Good luck with your treatment and keep in touch x

  • Hello Shas, I am living in Canada, really only came back for a xouple of years work and then this happened. So we are in similar positions.   We are Canadian itizens so can travel and forth abit to Ireland. Such as life!!!

    Meant to say you should not loose yr hair but ask and I am going this week to see Oncologist. I am on Cisplatin, Vinorelbine, 4 cyles of 3 weeks, each. Ask yr Oncologist if you want re the Stage. Some folks don't.want ti know, it's whatever u feel comfortable with. I have Healthcare as.a.Registered Nurse, but even I can only take info in small bites as otherwise it can  e abit overwhelming. Also I have imited screen time checking our things on purpose, u don't need extra worry at this tim, I think.

    My husband is the same, I have gone alone to all rhe appointments, came with me for initial consult with Oncologist, but had a sneezing episode/ hay fever and had to leaveRolling eyes Anywhoo, he does his best and has moments of trying ti help but he is not a naturally patient man. But its hard for him too, as he lost his mum in September.

    Its hard for you with your daughter in London, I know. But you will see them, you just have to get sorted this year with your treatment.Hugging

    Sleep is important for recovery, I would keep taking prescribed pills on time, particulalry for pain prevention and as u say take Paracetamol if required. Cumulative pain untreated can become difficult to reduce, so better to keep well controlled and it may take months for the nerve pain to go. 

    I do get tightness at my ribcage  too.

    Enjoying the chat!!Ok handHugging