Hospital admission

Good morning everyone, last I posted was regarding my very sore mouth and not being able to eat. I spoke to my consultant who prescribed a couple of mouth washes. Nothing improved in fact it got worse so last week I was admitted to hospital, I was very dehydrated and had a kidney infection, I was on drips for several days and various other pills and over the course of the week things improved. I also lost a bit of weight. As the week progressed and my symptoms improved my ability to eat also improved. I was released from hospital yesterday with pills and potion’s to continue with at home, overall I’m feeling much better my eating is improving all the time and to help me increase my weight they have prescribed fortijuice. I am concerned about one thing, I was due to have my immunotherapy treatment last Friday and it was suspended due to my illness, they have not said if I can confirm this and if I can when the next treatment will happen, I’m a bit scared because my treatment plan seemed to be working as my last scan showed there had been improvement, and now my treatment has been suspended I’m not sure what that means for me. Anyway thank you for the support you all gave when my throat issue started, you encouraged me to seek help and I did, just shows the power and support of virtual friends is really helpful thank you.

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  • So good to hear that your side effects have improved. My husband has been having immunotherapy since last July (initially combined with chemotherapy) and has twice had his treatment cancelled/postponed due to side effect issues. Most recently he’s had pneumonitis and his immunotherapy has been stopped again. We, like you were very worried about this as he had shown a partial response, but the benefits of immunotherapy are believed to continue even when treatment ends. But I would suggest you get in touch with someone on your immunotherapy team and let them know you are feeling better and are keen to discuss continuing your treatment. We found if we waited for them to contact us it meant waiting weeks but when we approached them they immediately began planning the next cycle. 
    Best wishes and I hope you can get back on immunotherapy very soon.


  • Treatment cycles are often delayed for one reason or another.  Your team won't delay it for an interval which would compromise outcome.

    As suggested, it would be a good idea for you to contact your team for your own peace of mind.

  • Hi Donna, sorry I have only just seen your post as I am away this week and internet here is very hit and miss. 

    What an awful time you have had! I am glad to hear you are now coming out the other side of that and starting to gain some of the weight you had lost. I can understand that you will be worrying about the treatment being suspended, but I think at the moment you need to concentrate on getting better, I’m sure the treatment will start again soon enough xx 


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