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may i ask if people have been given details about there cancer diagnosis in writing rather than a brief chat with consultants. should the patient be well informed as to there cancer type treatments available etc as we have been really let down by the cns and consultants dealing with a lung cancer diagnosis to the point of having literally two letters that were to the gp but a copy sent to the patient with a mere stagingcode on it without ever informing the patient of what the code meant. when i requested some details on letter to the patient i was met with an actual argument from a cns although it was merely a request from a bitof info that had been forwrded to us in regards to lung cancer. stating updates of mdt meetings etc can be requested if needed to keep informed. such a scary time a cancer diagnosis and to make it worse the ones that should be point of call to aid them dont do so. i understand that covid plays a huge part in this but to forward on a copy of a file to the patients email is relatively easy to achieve for any secretary if it helps the patient surely. i am not sure if its due to lack of secretarial skills or short staff but its so annoying to be kept in the dark. i know a subject access can be asked for but that should really be last stage as that entails the complete ins and outs of everything. which i wouldnt want to put anyone out in having to deal with this.

  • Hi 2021wtf I don't think Covid is to blame for this. I have never had a letter from oncology regarding my diagnoses. I don't ever get a copy that the GP gets after every oncology check up either. Having said that my oncologist is very thorough in explaining things to me, and answers any questions I have.  

    If you are not happy with the treatment your have received at the hospital, you can always contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) who will be able to help you with these concerns. 


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