Checking in peepsxx

hope you all well, especially  those getting treatment at this time..prayers  for  us all. Abd hope your Christmas Christmas tree tree as lovely S mine..speak soon hugs to you all..xx

  Ps jim speaking tome now !!he wants to know will he start shopping  for Easter eggs now, or will next week do?..old. bah humbug  head on hehe..xx

  • Poor Jim, I do feel for himJoyJoy

    The time is coming nearer & nearer, every night when I close the curtains somebody else has put their lights & trees up, maybe next weekend I’ll have to join themSee no evilChristmas tree Dont want to be misery guts on the corner. Hope you’re well, you sound it - behave yourself

  • Hello Maggie, it’s always good to hear from you, 

    Yes come on Julie, get the tree up. We put ours up this weekend, and it looks all lovely and cozy in our lounge now with the tree lights on. 


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  • I usually put my Christmas trees up on 1 November but they're still in the cupboard this year.  Will try to get around to it this week.

    I was so incredibly organised about Christmas shopping last year but haven't got anywhere with it this year.  I expect most people will get gift vouchers as in person shopping isn't an option and it's a bit late to order stuff.