15 days from my ct scan still no results!

I cant believe I am still awaiting my ct scan results.....supposed to have one every 3 months - only had 2 this year! The anxiety of waiting is pure hell  - they should turn them round for cancer patients within 3 days. Anyone having delays.

  • Hi cmtd

    i had a ct scan in August but on my phone consultation with the oncologist he had the scan but not the report, as far as he could see it looked OK, he said when he got the report if it said any different he would phone me. He hadn’t had that report when he sent the letter to the doctor cos he said the same to her in the letter. I have a scan next Wednesday and have a telephone appointment with the oncologist the following Tuesday, I don’t hold much hope for proper results then either. So, same as you, the wait for the scan, then waiting for the phone appointment and if there’s no results more waiting. They have made Warrington hospital the covid hospital and Halton hospital is doing any other treatments, I usually go to Warrington for my scan but this time it’s at Halton so just maybe I might get some results, fingers crossed. 
    I hope your results come soon and your wait is soon over

    Take care

  • Thanks Julie - I appreciate its a lengthy procedure now - but I just feel to leave someone 15 days without a result is cruel....I will be calling them tomorrow and feeling very anxious as ive had a lot of pain in my rh lung with a stabbing feeling, i just feel something is wrong and we usually know our own bodies. Sorry if that sounds negative just being honest. I hope your Scan comes back good for you. xxx Cathy

  • Cathy do you not have a follow up appointment ? I always have an appointment booked for just after the scan. 


  • Hi

    My CT scans are generally booked in approx 3 weeks ahead of  my next consultation (both face or telephone). It takes about two weeks for the specialist report to be completed, leaving a week for your cancer team to discuss the report and what if anything needs to be done. 

    I appreciate that the whole ct scan process can be a bit long-winded; however much better for it to be thorough and accurate rather than rushed with something significant missed?

    Try not to get too anxious.

    Kegsy x

    "If you are going through hell, keep going" ; Sir Winston Churchill
    " Cancer may take my life; however it will not become my life" Kegsy August 2011
  • Thanks Chelle and Kegsy - I contacted the hospital today they said they are short of radiologist and dont think my report will be back this week! I am so upset with them scan done 12th of October not seeing consultant until the 12th of November ...... we shouldn't have to wait a month for scan results its shocking. The nurse told me there is some scarring on my lungs.sorry to go on but for delays like this to be happening now - God help us all in  December and January. Xx cathy

  • Hi Cathy. I’m sorry you are having this anxiety. My scan was delayed by 6 months due to covid, and then I had to wait 4 weeks for my oncologist appointment. You do worry, and the waiting is torture, but I wouldn’t want my results given to me by anyone else but my oncologist. In my opinion the nurse was wrong by telling you half a story. She said there is scarring in the lung, did she say how long it has been there? What has caused it? You may of had this scarring already. 

    These are very difficult and frustrating times. Being isolated does not help, it gives us too much thinking time. My daughter works in cancer care, and I am not surprised that they are short on radiologists. Many staff were re deployed. Many staff are sick, maybe not with covid, but any flu like symptoms they are isolating. You are right, things will probably get a lot worse before they get better. It will certainly take cancer care years to get back to how it was. I hope you have some good news from your appointment. 


  • Hi Chelle

    hope all is well with you. Hope by now Cathy also has her results. The anxiety waiting causes is hard.

    its during these times we begin to imagine all sorts.

    Coincidence, my daughter also works in cancer care. My youngest. She worked at Charing Cross for two years but did her degree at Cardiff University and has returned to live in Cardiff and now works at their main cancer hospital.

    is anyone using the lung chatty thread any more and has anyone hears from Gina? 

  • Hi Nel. No news from Gina. Last I heard she was still in the hospice. 


  • Hi Chelle

    im sorry to hear that but of course hope she’s ok. She is normally active on the site to some extent  and I’d love to hear she’s doing ok.
    is the chatty thread Not in use any more?

    anyway nice to hear from various people 

    had I mentioned before to you that I also have a daughter who works in cancer care? I hate repeating myself but it happens!!

    all the best


  • Hi Nel, yes you’ve mentioned about your daughter. Bless their hearts for what they do. The lung chatty thread is still there, just no one has posted on it for a while. I’ll see if I can bump it up to top.