At the very beginning and confused.

Hi Everyone.i had some xrays done recently because I thought I'd damaged my rotator cuff.

My shoulder xray came back OK but they were concerned with something they could see at the edge of the xray. So wanted me to have a chest xray.

I had the chest xray and I had a phonecall of the GP to say there was definitely something there.

This led to me being put on the 2 week pathway and sent for a ct thoracic scan as the Gp suspects lung cancer.

I had the ct scan which was over a week ago  but nobody will tell me the results.

2 days after the scan I had a phone call to arrange to go for a lung flow test and then to see a Respiratory Consultant after the tests.

My questions are

a) Will this Respiratort Consultantt be able to tell me the results of the ct scan? (even thoughthe scan was done at a different hospital)

b)  Does the fact it's an RC and not an Oncilogist mean it's not lung cancer?

Or (frightening myself here)

c) the fact I'm not seeing a Respiratory Consultant an Oncologist means there's something on the ct scans that shows it's spread and untreatable, so there's no point in me seeing an Oncologist?

How do these things work?  Is it normal to see a Respiratory Consultant  first., before an Oncilogist?

Any advice much appreciated as I keep phoning the GP surgery to try and get results of the xrays and scans and they fob me off and are very vague about things.and treat me like I'm being a nuisance 


  • Should read::

    c) Does the fact I'm seeing a Respiratory Consultant  and not an Oncologist mean......

  • TBH, I received my initial results following a scan, at the Thoracic clinic at my local hospital. There were then more tests to follow. Hopefully when you see the respiratory consultant they will give you an initial diagnosis. It’s a worrying time for you and it may not be lung cancer but something else. If they suspect lung cancer there will be more tests so they can decide what treatment to offer. I’ve found taking one step at a time has been the best for me. It means just dealing with certainty not what ifs. My surgery contacted me following the diagnosis. The GP will not be able to give you information as they may only be informed when you have a diagnosis. I went to a different hospital for my first scan but the results were passed on to the thoracic team at my current hospital. 

    Please stay away from doctor Google. The information is not up to date and is not helpful. There are lots of people here who will be able to chat to you. Just ask any questions. I’ve not been here for very long, maybe 6 weeks. 

    I hope you will not have to wait too long for the diagnosis. Waiting is just so challenging so try to keep your mind busy. I spent loads of time watching box sets and started some meditation on UTube so I could get to sleep. 

    Love xx

  • Thanks ever so much Daisychain.

    I think I'll have to be patient.  Not easy.

    And as you say, must also stay away from Dr Google..


  • Let us know how it’s going for you. I’m currently waiting to see if I have a negative PCR from a hospital ward. The surgeon called me yesterday and offered me a cancellation for Monday, for the lobectomy. Of course, this is what I’ve been waiting for but it sent me into a fit of anxiety.

     It’s all about waiting and being in the hands of others. I’m just trusting that all will be fine, whatever the outcome.

    Love. X

  • Will do Daisychain,

    I will hopefully know a bit more by the end of the week.

    Best of luck for your op.  It's good to know that they're acting quickly..

    I don't blame you for being scared but I'm sure you're in good hands.


    Ps.  Let me know how it goes as well.

    I'm a bit of a night owl these days because the pain in my shoulders keeps me awake (convinced they're going to tell me it's a pancoast)

    So if you're worried and scared I'm happy to chat any time.


  • That’s lovely. I’m usually a lark but who can tell these days.

    I’ve now just got to hope there is a bed in HDU for post-op, otherwise I’ll be sent home and have to do this over again.

    Let me know how it all goes for you. Whatever the outcome there’ll be lots of questions they will ask. For example I was asked if I’d ever had TB or any contact with asbestos. If is it cancer they have NICE guidelines about time frames for actions to be taken. Anyway keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • What’s pancoast? Xx

  • It's a tumoor that forms right at the top of the lungs.  It doesn't have much room to grow so ends up pressing on surrounding nerves. Hence the shoulder neck and arm pain.

    I think the other lung cancers cause coughs etc..

    Of course all this is according to Dr Google.

    Fingers crossed for you this morning. X

  • Tomorrow's the day I'll hopefully get some answers.

    I'm hoping they'll say it's an abscess.  I wonder if they can tell the difference from a ct scan between a tumor and an abscess?

    I've had an abscess on my appendix before, plus two tooth absesses over the years, so am definitely prone to them.

    I expect an abscess is the best case scenario (clutching at straws).

  • Dear Harebelle

    I really feel for you during this horrible waiting period. 
    have you got people around you to support you ? 
    I recommend loud music and a dance in the kitchen. 
    at least some of the tension in your body can release itself. 

    I hope you find out what you need to know from the respiratory consultation. 

    my very best