Liver cancer

Hi everyone,I’m new here , as all of you on here has had to deal with the most awful word ( cancer ) . My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer 2 months ago , unfortunately it has spread to his lymph nodes, we have been told it’s not curable Cryas anyone else been diagnosed with same problems . He has also got jaundice. Tomorrow we go to hospital & on Tuesday he is having a biopsy & stent put in.             How do people cope with such devastating news ?!!! I’m just going through the emotions at the moment, trying to stay strong but really struggling.

  • Hi my partner was diagnosed with stage 4 prostrate cancer in January incurable but controllable hopefully and it devastates me

  • Hi - I just signed up to this site this morning, so new here too. Yes, I think I have a similar situation - incurable and untreatable and spread to lymph nodes, etc. They tried to do a biopsy but my blood pressure plummeted from 160 to 40 as the doctor was about to 'go in' so had to stop the procedure. In the end we all agreed it was pointless and too dangerous to try another time, and it wouldn't have made any difference to any future course of action. Mine was diagnosed mid February, though I reckon it's been there since last November. I have found it is harder for family and loved ones than for me, so you have my sincere sympathies, and I can only wish you and your husband and family the very best under such difficult and upsetting circumstances. If possible, just try to make the most of each day, keep busy and cherish the moments. Chris

  • (I meant to reply to Littlesis, but not sure this site makes that clear!) Chris

  • Hi Chris, I’m so sorry to read that it’s incurable & untreatable Cry my husband did have his biopsy, but was unable to have stent put in .I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. We went back to hospital this morning for ct scan & then back in at 4pm for oncologist. Because his jaundice is worse they are going to try next week for stent & then hopefully chemo , but hopefully it will shrink it & manage it , only time will tell if it works.  It’s funny how you say it’s harder for loved ones as I find my husband takes it better than me . My heart goes out to you & family, such devastating news . People say to me take each day how it comes & enjoy! I do try . Mandy 

  • My husband had a liver transplant 6 months ago found it in gastro hepatic ligament . Surgery July 6 . We were so happy he came thru transplant so well now this . It's like all our hopes and dreams floated away .. Still in shock and scared . 

    1. My husband had a transplant 6 months ago now it came back in lymph node . Surgery July . Still in shock