Husband in Hospital for Easter

Hello, my husband hasn't been well for a month. At first we thought it was Vivid because the whole family has gone down with it. But his LF tests were always negative.

Then a couple of weeks ago he couldn't eat large meals and started to feel very tired. And last Monday he became jaundiced.

My husband never visits the GP for anything. He doesn't even take pain killwrs. Very for and healthy.

No smoking or drinking.

And yet...

He was diagnosed as having lung cancer yesterday, not a 'good' Friday!!

They think it's a secondary cancer as something is causing a bile duct blockage, but they can't see.

So, now he's stuck in hospital, in the Easter holidays waiting until Tuesday before they can do more tests.

At least they have him on a drip to try and flush the billubirin out of his system.

He is luminous yellow, so doesn't even want to leave his room.

I'm so heartbroken for him. He's only 58 and had so many plans for retirement. 

I can't even tell his Dad or sisters until we know more and I don't want to ruin their Easter.

Our girls (19 + 17) haven't been told the full details and it's eating me up inside that I have to keep everything secret and tell white lies.

My husband is very private and would rather keep it all hush hush.

But he can't hide how jaundiced he is.

We don't want to be on this journey. We were supposed to be camping this weekend, but we are.

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the Online Community even it's a place no-one wants t be a member of. I just dropped by and noticed you've not had a reply as yet, I myself have a different type of cancer and I actually had my cancer confirmed on my Ruby Anniversary TBH there's never a good day to hear the words you have cancer. Also none of us want to be on this horrible journey, unfortunately it's what life throws at us.

    It's hard when you're husband is a private person and wants to keep it under wraps. It's much easier in my opinion when it's out in the open and you get support from family and friends, you both need support at this hard time. I'm going to suggest you join our Friends and Family group so you can talk to others in the same position. Just click on the link I've created and join.     

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