1.6cm Renal mass

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had a CT scan back in March for my bladder cancer. A kidney nurse has rung me to tell me that the scan shows a 1.6cm small renal growth. Although she has said not to worry and that it’s too small for a biopsy, they have arranged for another scan in September. She hasn’t said that it’s cancer but it could be. 
I feel a bit numb. 

can anyone shed any light on this please.

thank you Nigel

  • Hi, it’s very very small so I wouldn’t  worry too much.  My tumour was 3cm when it was picked up incidentally in December 22, it’s was removed Feb 23. Mine was a grade 2 RCC tumour. Yours will most likely be a grade 1 or 2 at the most I would think. I had a partial nephrectomy by the De Vinci robot, and the surgeon! They tell you the grade of the tumour about 6 weeks after the operation and that dictates the follow up pathway for the future. That is scans or immunotherapy etc. They will also tell you what type of kidney cancer is it. Most common is Renal Cell. It is a very slow growing cancer, so yours has been caught very early, You will be in good hands I am sure. Lots of lovely people on this forum to help and reassure you if you have any worries or questions. 

  • Thank you so much Cilla, sorry for the late reply, went back to work. 
    they are booking me in for another CT scan in September 

  • Hi Rob I had a partial nephrectomy on Thursday. I do not know the grade of the tumour. It is scary getting a diagnosis but you are in safe hands. I have found much help from this Community.

  • Hi EJ, yep this site is amazing, im on the bladder C site also. 
    the renal mass was picked up on a routine scan for my bladder procedure. So it came as a bit of a shock as I thought I was all clear.. but I believe in the process and the NHS, so I know I will be fine. 

    Thanks again Nigel

  • Hi JD, I’m fine thank you, everyone telling me not to worry, so that’s what I’m doing. 
    starting BCG treatment for my bladder C this month. Alls ok.

    thank you for asking. How are you? 

  • Try not too. If the hospital was also concerned they would definitely get you in sooner rather than later. At least you're on their radar and having another scan in September x