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First time posting as been back in contact with McMillan. 

We're to start so October 21 Husband went in for a cystoscopy and they found cancer in the bladder they did some sort of flush but then sent him for a CT scan, they found it in the kidney so day after our daughter was born he went in for surgery agen they blasted the cancer away so 3 months past was back agen the 3 month nothing 4 months nothing then to present day 6 months passed back in to be told the cancer is back in the kidney and the tubes deformed so now he has to go in for surgery the consultant he's under told him it would be in the next few weeks (HEAD is in a total spin) he had CT scan wednesday just gone I rang the secretary today and they were talking about him today. I just don't no how to hold it together when he's asleep and daughter is asleep, I just feel so angry sceard and trying to put a brave face for him. 

  • Hi Gem I hope you’re ok? have they given you any idea of the surgery they are going to perform? I don’t know about you but It helps me to cope a bit better by writing my questions down for the doctor appointments and also then to research their answers as much as I can, i understand what you mean about trying to hold it together whilst your busy then struggling when they all are sleeping, but Gem you can’t neglect yourself like that, you and your husband  you’re in this together it’s a battle you are both in you are the person who stands with him you are giving him the strength and the will to fight for your family for you for your beautiful baby girl you both have so much to live for.dont listen to any nay sayers just keep the faith that he will have this operation and get better for you all, when the MacMillan nurse told us to go away and enjoy the very little time he had left I sank in a pit of despair but thank God my husband is a fighter and won’t give up he is on a trial now at Christie’s and fighting, we both are so as I say ignore the naysayers especially the ones who should know better,, fight the good fight together don’t try to cope alone it’s a lonely place you are together both of you, if he’s having a bad day talk to someone, the good friend who will just listen) Above everything keep the faith HE WILL get well keep telling each other everything is going to be good, you aren’t alone, I send you all the good vibes I have to send, God Bless im sending you kind thoughts Linzi 

    1. No they haven't told us yet it's all the waiting, am hoping we have more answers today fingers crossed. Thankyou so much for your kind words, I no I can't neglect my self Luke that's it's just so hard to snap out of it falling to sleep on a wet pillow. He definitely is staying strong or trying to, baby girl definitely is keeping us both going with her happy soul, I just thank god that she is at an age were she dosent understand what's going on. Sending good vibes to you and your husband aswell, and I hope the trial gives you so much more time xxx