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Hi all, new to all this. Diagnosed with TCC last week. Having my left kidney and the tube to the bladder out soon. The CT scan also picked up a cyst on my ovaries, so I'm having them and tubes out at the same time. Luckily that department is cancer free. Just waiting on the chest CT results. Pre op next week. How long after pre op is the actual procedure? Thanks. 

  • Hello. If they have given you the pre-op, I would think they are planning to do the op fairly soon - but I think it can sometimes be a few weeks. Do you say there is no cancer in the ovary? Did they say why they are removing it/ them in that case? I;m interested because I also had a cyst found on my ovary but they say it is benign and that seemed to be the end of that! Obviously it will be monitored when I have further CT scans. BTW, I had my right kidney removed at the end of November and now having a course of immunotherapy - Pembrolizumab). You can read a bit more on my profile if you like. 

    Best of luck with your op etc. 

  • Thanks for your reply  There is no cancer on my ovaries or anywhere there. It's a large cyst, and because of my age(56), its not going to shrink. So it's going as there is a risk of it twisting around the ovaries and tubes. So I am having it all done at the same time. 

  • Ah, that makes sense! Hope all goes well!

  • Hi lulabel67

    I had surgery about a month after my pre-op but they did squeeze me in for a pre-op on same day as decision was made to have surgery.

    Good luck with the surgery and hope it’s not too long to wait for dates. 

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    In my case the consultant wanted to get the tumour removed ASAP due to its size.
    I was due to have my pre-op on the 14th (yesterday) with no date for the op itself, then all of a sudden it was brought forward with 4 days notice to have the pre-op on the 5th and the operation just 2 days later on the 7th.
    Someone else here has a date for their operation 1 week after the pre-op so it can depend on circumstances and urgency I guess.

  • Hiya, 

    Are you having the bladder cuff as well? As sounds like you are having a nephroureterectomy, I am told mine was classed as bladder cancer even though cancer was in my renal pelvis so lost left kidney along with ureter and bladder cuff, quite confusing sometimes. I did have a CT scan of lungs also but had to have chemo first to shrink the cancer so I could have the surgery. I was given a date for my surgery the same day I was given pre op date and it was for a week later, I hope you do not have to wait long and I wish you well.


  • Hi, I think it's the norm to remove the ureter (tube to bladder) from the kidney that's being removed as it would not be needed when the kidney is no longer there.

  • Hi, 

    yeah, I was not aware of this before now, my cancer was classed as UTUC so had to have everything removed, but see now some who have radical kidney removal also lose part of their ureter.

    Hope you continue to do well x