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Hello, I have a 4cm tumour on my right kidney and due to have a radical nephrectomy at the end of March.  Just wondered if anyone else has suffered bloating and stomach issues with their KC diagnosis or is it my IBS flaring up through anxiety 

  • Being bloated quite often was part of the reason I went to GP before they found my passenger. Don’t know if this was anything to do with it or not. 

    Does peppermint tea help ease it at all? 

    Good luck with op at end of the month. 

  • Thank you Janet, I am having  keyhole surgery, never had an op before so feeling very nervous.  Glad all went well with yours and hope you are keeping well.

  • Sorry should read Janey36 

  • Yes, I had the same problem - I told my doctor to see whether she could prescribe anything but she wasn’t very helpful. It’s gone since I’ve had the kidney removed. As you say it could be stress bringing it on, I wondered that myself. 

  • Yep I've suffered from that too both before and after partial removal. Hope you don't suffer after as well -FYI I've got flank bulge and soreness still after 7 weeks, so I'm not surprised things are off inside me, though stress whether acknowledged or not will have an effect. I also think taking paracetamol for weeks and the opiate painkillers must mess with the good bacteria in the gut. I've been trying to counteract it with less sugar, fewer cakes (!), herbal teas and cider vinegar in water

  • Hi , I hope you’re ok. I am bloated all the time, but I put mine down to my menopause! But makes you wonder sometimes.