My husband had RN last April. Cancers back

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My husband age 51 was diagnosed with kidney cancer last March. It was found by pure chance after having an ultrasound on his gall bladder. A CT scan confirmed a 7cm tumour contained in his right kidney.

He underwent a nephrectomy in April and all went well according to the consultant. The tumour had grown to 11cm and pathology said it was an aggressive cancer but classed it at a T3a. It was still contained with clear margins.

We were so relieved and grateful it was all over. A follow up CT scan 6 months later was all clear, but his recent scan 4 weeks ago has revealed a small 1cm tumour on the left upper lobe of his lung. Consultant said it can’t be operated on due to it’s position but said radiotherapy should do the trick as well as immunotherapy.

We have an appointment regarding immunotherapy this afternoon and radiotherapy appt at the end of March.

Im trying to remain positive about all of this but I’m am worried, the side effects of immunotherapy look horrendous and my husband is a fit and healthy man who plays golf, football and goes running. I know we will find out more info this afternoon but it looks like the next few months are going to be very challenging for us.

Has anyone in here been through the same treatment? 

  • There's plenty on here who have had or are undergoing immunotherapy, myself included.  I would have to agree that reading the patient info sheets, the side effects do look awful.  However, on hearsay my nurse practitioner advised that immunotherapy is kinder than chemotherapy.  There are a lot of immunotherapy drugs.  When you read the patient info, they have to tell you about all the likely side effects, but you won't get them all.  Perhaps I'm very lucky but I haven't had huge fatigue, impactful skin rashes, or diarrhoa or sickness and these are the common ones.  I run too, but a lot less than I used to and a lot slower as well. 

    I've never had RT but I believe there's side effects with that too.