Kidney Cancer and travel insurance

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Hello, I’m new to this group and only 9 months in to my cancer journey. I was diagnosed last April with stage 4 cancer but after removal of a kidney and six months of combination therapy I’m doing very well, staying very active and all signs of cancer are shrinking by 70% or more. I’m looking for advice or recommendations on getting travel insurance for Europe, either single trip or year round cover. Thanks, Frank

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    Your situation matches mine.  I just got insureance from www [dot] Insurancewith [dot] com for Europe for 4 days for £50 for myself + husband.  Also got a quote from co-op insurance for £330 for same trip.  

    Also check out the online community group chat on this specific topic for more recommendations.  Travel insurance forum for cancer patients 

    My tip is that if you have outstanding apppointments check their categorisation eg routine/urgent etc.  I had an appt with ENT outstanding last year and everyone refused to insure me as a result despite it being a non event.  After being on the waiting list for a year they confirmed my referral and advised the category was "routine" which changed my answer to a critical question, allowing a quote to be provided online.    

  • Hello FNC,

    Thank you for highlighting this issue. It hadn't occurred to me to check my annual policy! It's telling me that I need to call the insurer to let them know. Glad I became aware of this before heading off on my merry way!

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  • Hi Jonathan

    Just seen your post. Looks like you've been given the link for the insurance provider.

    You've referenced your annual policy; yes, do tell them of your situation of course - assuming they are OK with covering you (and they will probably exclude pre-existing conditions and anything "linked")

    For many scenarios (and particularly something as important as medical expenses cover that could run into many thousands of £) I would recommend that you try and discuss with an actual person (i.e., a broker) as opposed to rely on a "tick box" website. 

    Finally, you might have cover via your credit card/bank card; however, often cover only applies if you booked the trip with that card - so, booking the trip under one card and relying on cover under another can be dangerous.

    My "qualifications"?? Used to work in insurance for several years. Hope you don't mind me chipping in!

  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for that! Definitely do not mind you chipping in, I needed educating.

    Have a good weekend

  • Thanks for the advice to try excellent company and has provided me with insurance for a week in Europe for £87. Other quotes I’d received were over £700. Very good comprehensive medical screening with a real person over the phone and peace of mind for the rest of the family that I’m covered. Highly recommend. Frank