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just joined so wanted to say hello. 

Like many I guess I have found out by chance and waiting for an operation to remove a tumour. 

I feel grateful in many ways that they have found this in my kidney but so scared of the operation and process. Any help advice would be appreciated. 

I have been told that they believe it’s contained in one kidney. 

Thank you for reading 

  • Hi Glen

    I was the same found by chance. I had a nephrectomy on 12th June all went well. I was very scared but came through the operation and was home  in 3 days. My tumour was contained in the kidney, low grade & hadn't spread. I have just had blood tests & have got another scan in January.

    Try to stay positive I know it is not easy.

    We are a very friendly group of people who will support you with any questions or concerns you have.

    Just ask..

    Keep posting it does help.

    Take Care.

  • Hi Glen, I was the same as you, you can read my story on my profile. Tumour found by accident on a scan. Had my robot assisted partial nephrectomy on 07/11 the surgery all went well and I have my follow up and results tomorrow. My main advice would be to really rest post op. I've found that I have felt so well that I have quite often over done it and I have paid a heavy price. I still have some internal pain and I get very tired. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you. 

  • Hello GlenM, 

    It's quite a scary prospect to have any type of surgery, let alone the surgery us folk have. Feeling scared is part-and-parcel of what you are going through, but hopefully after some time the feeling will subside a little. There was no magic trick for me; I just woke up one morning and felt less consumed by it all. I hope this happens for you too. 

    All the best, 


  • Thank you very much for your support. 

    Hopefully it will go well and i will be able to get back to whatever normal will be…. 

    It’s all a very surreal experience. 

  • Thank you. It’s getting better slowly just all feels overwhelming at times. Just trying to focus on the operation and getting myself prepared but walking and eating well. 

    They said they will try keyhole but may have to revert to open depends how they see it on the day I guess. 

  • Thank you for your kind words. 

  • I'm glad to hear it's getting better, even if it's slowly and its good to have something to focus on re: some exercise and eating healthy. 

  • Hi GlenM.

    It's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I lost a kidney following the same circumstances as you. I think you'll find that it won't be as traumatic or painful as you are likely to be imagining. I was quite happy to get out of bed unaided after 24 hours, I managed to dress and walk to the car after 48 hours.

    This major stuff is where the NHS shine (assuming you are in the UK).

    I wish you a speedy recovery and a return to normality.


  • Hi Phil

    Wow that sounds like it went well. That’s good. I’m worrying about the surgery/being asleep and no control. Some people think I’m crazy but I had a hip replacement and was awake and it was a positive experience where this feels more scary. 

    Im in the UK and being looked after by Leicester General. 

    Did you have keyhole or open? They said they will try keyhole but may revert to open but guess as I will be asleep I won’t know any way!!!! 

    From experience the worry and thoughts are far worse than reality. Thank you for your response.