Hello Linzy from Canada here

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I have just recently had 2 curve balls thrown at me..colon cancer which resulted in removal of some of my colon and kidney cancer...which has a surgery date in the next 3 weeks and this one terrifies me.

  • Hi Linzy, your story sounds very similar to mine, in that I have had a pesky polyp that has high grade dysplasia and I need surgery to remove and whilst investigating this the hospital found a tumour on my right kidney. I am awaiting a robot assisted partial nephrectomy. I hope you are recovering well from your bowel surgery. I was more worried about the bowel than the kidney, strangely enough!  For me this has all been going on since July 3rd so I am just desperate to get the ops out of the way at this point. I have read many times that the surgery is very routine for the surgeons and I have actually watched the proceedure on you tube, its fascinating. I know that approach is not for everyone but I am naturally a very curious person and I need to know all the ins and outs, think it helps me feel in control. This group is a great support and I'm sure more people will be along soon to offer support. Take care x 

  • Mine was found in July as well. First surgery was August..I put off my kidney surgery until November due to other personal reasons going on around me. Im the opposite Im more worried aboit my next surgery the 1st one went great! I  cant watch it or google it...not for me lol good luck to you!!