Kidney Cancer

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Hello I was diagnosed with kidney cancer last Monday , I have to have my kidney and tube plus some of the bladder removed on the 2nd of November  has any one on here had this done I am very scared at the moment haven’t told my children yet as my Grandaughter gets married next week and felt it only fair to wait until the wedding is over so I don’t spoil her special day or my daughter day .

  • Hello Nuala56, 

    I am sorry you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer, it sounds as if you are having a nephroureterectomy which is removal of kidney, ureter and bladder cuff? If it is please read my profile and you will see I had this operation end of April via robotic surgery. 
    I understand your stress, but please try not to worry too much, the operation is major,  but I have recovered really well and the cancer has been removed.

    I hope you can enjoy your granddaughters wedding.

    take care xx

  • Yes that’s what I am having , can I ask did you have pain in your other kidney , I have pain in both so think I am over thinking it , thanks for your reply 

  • Hi Nuala56, 

    I think it’s very easy to convince yourself something is wrong with both kidneys, but they will have done a scan to know you have cancer, so both kidneys would have been checked. My cancer was in my renal pelvis and ureter, the cancer was advanced but localised therefore I had to have 3 cycles of neoadjuvant chemo to shrink the tumour to allow surgery to proceed.

    UTUC is a rare cancer and there are very few on here with it, so please feel free to ask me anything. 
    The only pain I had was a dull ache in my left side, plus the blood in urine which had been happening for a few months 


  • Thank you  I feel better now the support group is so helpful