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Hi all. I've had a roller coaster few weeks. I was admitted to hospital on the 4th Sept with hypercalcemia. I had had low level nausea for a couple of weeks that had progressed to lower back pain and chest pain. I was kept in hospital for 4 days while they bought my calcium levels down. They suspected hyperparathyroidism or myeloma initially. I had had a chest CT which showed some lesions in my lungs but they said they didn't think they were suspicious. They gave me zoledronic acid and sent me home. After a few hours my right hip was in agony. If I walked a short distance I would be in horrendous pain. I was told it was wear and tear (despite not having had hipnissues before or being a marathon runner). The following week I went back for bloods and an abdominal CT. I was then called back 5 days later and told I had a huge tumour 12x8x8.5cm on my left kidney and that it looked like there were metastatic lesions in one vertebrae and my right hip.

I have since had a full bone scan which has shown multiple lesions, a head CT which is clear and a biopsy. I am waiting for biopsy results and for MDT to review and propose a treatment pathway. My pain is still on my right side, possibly something in my liver and am waiting for an MRI to check it out.

I'm still in shock as did not have any obvious symptoms, other than being exhausted and some aches which I thought were just perimenopausal symptoms creeping up on me and that I work full time and am a mum of 2 young boys, so just thought that was life. 

I'm impatient to start treatment but also apprehensive as some days I feel fine.

  • Wow, what a time you've had.  It's quite "normal" for kidney cancer to picked up as an investigation into something else because it's common not to have symptoms.  Kidney cancer is sometimes referred to as "The silent one" for this reason.  I totally understand you are keen to get treatment started and I hope you are not waiting long.  This is the worst bit - the waiting.  I hope the biopsy results are soon and do keep us updated.  Good luck.  

  • Hello, and welcome to our group. As Mmum has said, what a time you are having. You have done the right thing posting on here as most of us have experienced the shock of a diagnosis and so can understand some of what you are experiencing …….although everyone’s circumstances are different.

    Please let us know how you are getting on, as we are a caring group.

    Sending you a big hug, Jules x