Kidney full removal and tumour

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Quick diagnosis, no symptoms totally undetected and in 2 weeks surgery to remove kidney and tumour- woo!

Very scary prospect and dreading what recovery looks like…

  • Hi

    I had a radical nephrectomy on 12th June so nearly 11 weeks ago. I was in hospital for 3 days, I started doing short walks the next. I felt a bit tired the first few weeks but feel I am nearly fully recovered just listen to your body it will tell you what you can do. Mine was a low grade with no spread. If there is anything else you need to know just ask there are lots of people on here been through the same procedure. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Thanks Oakley 

    Tumour large and I have pre existing conditions so to hear your positive experience helps my anxiety 

  • HI Niko

    It is very anxious time. My tumour was 7cm contained in the kidney. I had no symptoms it was a Ct Scan in February for a persistent cough when they discovered mine. I was more scared about coming round from the op but I was treated very well and looked after by the caring staff. I just have to have blood test in 5 months, a scan in 6 months, then yearly if that goes ok. I also had breast cancer 9 years ago. Please just keep posting as everyone is so kind on this forum. We are all happy to answer you questions. Just take a day at a time don't try to look to far forward. Positive mind really helps.

  • I was similar, no symptoms, the growth showed up on an ultra sound for something unrelated.  My left kidney removed in May. The cancer hadn’t spread, i was very weak and tired for two to three weeks after the op. Three months on I’m much better but still get quite a lot of discomfort and I have to be careful not to overdo it. Im sure everyone’s recovery is different. I hope everything goes well for you. I found the worst bit was waiting for the operation, try not to worry, I wish I’d worried less! 

  • Thanks ChasM

    i need real life experience to give me hope at the moment when fear seems like the only emotion 

  • Hi I’ve just had a diagnosis of cancer in my left kidney they are going to remove the whole kidney in about 2 months they said what do I expect I’m really worried but numb at the same time like it’s not happening how are you feeling now thanks linds 

  • I went to a nd e in January this year with suspected kidney stones. Later through more tests and scans I had a large tumour on my left kidney. It was removed In April I had open surgery and apart from the pain after the op I had a 15cm wound. I'm feeling OK surgery was a success.Back in November to have check up. Good luck 

  • Hi Oakley - good to read your reassuring comments. I've been diagnosed with a 9cm tumour on right kidney and am on the waiting list for a robotic keyhole nephrectomy (funnily enough by my consultant named Oakley). Have been told probably 6/8 weeks which is a worry. No symptoms at all and tumour found accidentally during ultrasound for a stomach issue. They've said I may or may not need Immunotherapy afterwards. Anxiety very bad at first but now learning to think differently and taking a day at a time. Difficult to stop your thoughts running away with you.

  • Mine was just the same, found during US for acid reflux. 6-8 weeks must be the standard wait nation wide because that’s what they told me, as it happened it came through in 5. Mine was robotic keyhole but because of the size of mine it was a very large incision. Luckily it  hadn’t spread and I didn’t need any further treatment just regular checks. Hopefully yours will be the same. Good luck. It’s 3 months since my op - I’m not quite back to full strength but I’m getting there. 

  • Hi Foyle

    My journey began on 23rd Feb when I went for a routine scan on my chest for a cough. My GP phoned to say they had found something on my left kidney so they sent m for an ultrasound on 20th Mar to try & establish what it was, this could not tell them so this time I was sent for a contrast CT on 14th Apr & was seen by a consultant on 28th Apr to inform me it was cancer & my kidney had to be removed. I as put on the waiting list & was given a provisional date of 26th June, I then received a phone call to tell me they would operate on the 12th June.

    I went in on that date, I was out of bed that day. I had a catheter attached and wired up to a morphine machine which I only used once, consultant came round next day took m off the morphine and I had my catheter removed. I came out of the 15th June & started doing short walks the next day. I am now doing my usual walks and feel I am nearly back to full health.

    I am 2 weeks behind ChasM as we all say we all recover differently. I hope this has given some more idea of things to come. Please ask if you need to ask anything else we are all here to help you on your journey.

    I think stay positive & take a day at a time try not to think to far ahead. I know it is not easy.but you will get through this.

    Wishing you all the best,