Discomfort and tightness Nephrectomy

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Hi All, I hope everyone is ok. 
I'm 2.5 weeks in post op (see bio)  my flank pouch feels very tight ( is that because my abdominal wall is knitting itself back together??) I feel that all my left side feels tight and hard not rock solid but just not right. I've started laying on sofa, getting myself down very slowly and sliding across. Propped up with two pillows. Laying slightly at an angle as to not put pressure on my left side. However I only do this when my husband is here otherwise not Tom sure how I'd get myself up ! 
Has anyone else experienced extreme tightness in the flank area where the kidney was removed?? Unsure whether to contact my GP, or am I just being too optimistic, feeling like everything should be more normal now.. I was feeling very positive a few days ago and now because of this it's set me back a little x 

  • Nephrectomy is a major op, and 2.5 weeks after is very soon after.  Give it time and wishing you all the best.  

  • Hi

    I'm afraid it does take time and can feel tender for a few weeks. After all, the procedure cut through skin, muscle, veins so there's a lot of healing to be done! I had a partial last October and, while all "normal", the operation site still doesn't feel as before - the specialist has confirmed that is "normal". Just take it steady, day at a time and all that....

  • Thank you. I am taking each day slow, but walking around my garden when it isn't raining!! i havent ventured out anywhere other than hospital appointments or Nurse GP appointments, so seeing same 4 walls. Definitely in no position to drive . I think  if I tried the "stamp your foot down as hard as possible trick" without crying I definitely know that I would cry!!!!  How did you know that you were ready to drive again? When did you start driving ? Did you do the stamp/jump test??  That's what I was told my the oncology nurse.

  • I’m going to try to drive next week. That will be week five post op. You need to be able to do an emergency stop and feel safe and comfortable in the vehicle. If you are still taking medication then it is a no no. My husband looked after me but he is no cook and I agree doctors appointments can be a bit boring. I watched far too much tv. We walked in our local RHS garden. I used their golf buggy to get around too.

  • That's the issue. Need to ensure I'm able to do an emergency stop. I was taking codeine but they caused too much constipation, therefore I knocked those on the head a week or so ago, managing on paracetamol albeit they take edge off discomfort for a short time,  then it returns! I had my procedure 3 weeks yesterday! I can't believe it's 3 weeks. No he had driven me to my appointments over the past two weeks, definitely not driving.  My husband is the same, looking after me too, with the help of my good old pArendt.. who literally live 5 mins away, popping in every now and then, so it's nice...  haha same my husband is no chef but luckily I eat pretty much everything so I'm easy going when it comes to food! But fresh all the way! 
    I've not watched much tv as not able to sit more than 10 mins on sofa without feeling that tightness in belly/incision area... so I sit on a dining chair to chill out, take myself to bed to stretch out or do some walking around my garden 


  • So last night I'm sat up right propped on sofa, had the most intense pain, felt shivery, nauseated, not good, incision don't appear to look infected, but who am I to say! The pain was 10/10... ended up going to bed very early, pain eased ever so slightly and managed around two hours sleep! Unsure whether to see how I go today and contact GP tomorrow!? 
    I don't understand why so much pain after 3 weeks. Cry I can also feel larger incision tightening quite a lot into my flank bulge!! 

  • I would strongly suggest you give 111 a call. That’s what they are there for. Explain everything to them asap to be on the safe side x

  • Can't cough  very well either, enough to clear my chest, I feel like chest is full. I don't know. I also did a Covid  test too as Id had a few ppl come to see me this week, but that was negative thank goodness. X  keep belching too, wonder if that has anything to do with it, ie still have residual gas inside .  I'm not drinking fizzy drinks only water. 

    will call them and see what they say. 

  • Yes pleased give them a cal and let me know what they say won’t you x

  • Hi

    I gave it a few weeks and did that "test" as you said. Kept it to local journeys to begin with, just in case.