Adjuvant Pembrolizumab (Pembro)

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My right kidney was removed 9 weeks ago.  It was grade 2 with intermediate risk.  A 25% risk of reoccurring within 5 years.   Have been offered Pembo immunotherapy starting on 18th Dec.  It will be  every 6 weeks treatment lasting 1 year.  
I am wondering is there anyone out there who has been on Pembo and how is it working out for them.

many thanks,


  • Hi Sandysea

    Staring it on Monday at Charing Cross! I had a partial nephrectomy 8 weeks ago and they have recommended a course of 9 jabs, 6 weeks apart.

    Will make a diary note to let you know how it goes.

  • Hi Michael1793,

    I start on Monday as well so we can compare notes.  Have you heard any reports on how others on Pembo have found it. It’s fairly new so not much info out there about it.

    Hope all goes well for you on Monday

  • No, nothing on that front. I was called the other day and told re a session at Charing Cross about the treatment which I might go to. Will report back after Monday's session.

    All the best.

  • I would love to hear how you get on at the session.  All I have heard about Pembro so far is the side effects.  I guess they have to tell you the worst case scenario for legal reasons.  Hope you come away reassured.

  • Hi  everyone  . I'm having my 2nd dose of pembrolizumab  this afternoon. I will keep you posted .

  • Good luck. Hope all goes well and keep posting. We are all interested in how you are and keeping in touch will help you if only for words of encouragement. Rojan

  • Hi Artful, hope your second dose went well.  How were you after your first dose.   My first dose is on Monday, I’m really nervous/frightened. 

  • Hi sandy sea  just felt tired after my fist dose  no sickness or diarrhoea.    Taste changes and had a mild  cold about 5 days after .

     2nd dose yesterday . All went well canulla  in first  time ( drank more water   and kept  warm  this time ).

    Just felt a bit queasy  since and have a rosy face  but temp fine . Very tired  as well . Otherwise  good Thumbsup 

  • Hi Artful, glad 2nd dose went well and I hope you don’t get any more side affects.  I’m going to tell you my situation.  I’m 72 year old female.  My kidney cancer was PT3a Grade 2 Renal Cell Carcinoma.  I have a 25% chance of recurrence within 5 years.  I think they have offered me treatment to reduce the chances of it coming back.  I’m trying to weigh up the risk of it returning against the treatment and any side effects at my age.  The professionals keep saying it’s a very personal choice. I know they don’t have a crystal ball.  I really don’t know what to do, my appointment is on Monday.

    I shouldn’t be bothering you as I’m sure you are too tired to reply. Trust and pray that you cope well with the treatment.


  • Hi  sandysea   my  cancer was also a pt3a  but also papillary    ( meaning  the renal tubes involved   so the whole kidney  had to come out  x the pembrolizumab  is supposed to cut my risk of recurrence from 50% to 25% .  I personally  felt it was the right choice for me .  I am also female and 58 years old .  I felt that if the drs didn't feel I needed to try that they wouldn't of suggested   it .so I'm just praying it was  the right thing Pray

    all the best on Monday     . In my case it wasn't as  bad as I imagined  and 2nd time I was a lot more  relaxed and even had a nap