Still not back to work and Sleeping problems

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Hi, My name is Deb and I am 50 years old. I was diagnosed in May with a large tumor in my left kidney. On Thursday 8th July I had the kidney removed laparoscopically. It all went well and I was home by Sunday. At the point of diagnosis, I was told that I could be back to work within 2 to 4 weeks if it was taken by keyhole surgery. I am still not back to work and it is almost 6 weeks later....I suppose it is different for everyone and I am not a very patient patient!! Head bandage But I am also having trouble with sleeping....for the first 4 weeks I slept on my reclining sofa. Then I tried to sleep in my bed propped up with lots of pillows! I woke at approximately 2 am in agony with back and hip pain. So I resigned back to the sofa. I tried to sleep in my bed again tonight, this time, both on my back and on my side with a pillow lodged firmly under my tummy for support, and once again by 2.30 am I was in agony and had to come back downstairs on the sofa Cry Has anyone else had this issue? If so how long did this last? And do you have any advice for me? I am due to go to Blackpool at the beginning of September and I'm worried about having to sleep in a bed.....Many thanks

  • Hi Deb, i had my kidney and tumour removed just over 4 weeks ago and have experienced bad back pain since then. I don’t get it quite as bad as you and have managed to sleep in my bed, first I could only sleep on my back and was in agony with back and hip pain.  I can now roll over onto my side and although it is slightly uncomfortable from my operation it does ease my back.  I do still wake up with back and hip pain though and it aches if I am on my feet for a long period, I spoke to my specialist this week and he said that the back pain was not related to my operation and to see my GP.  I am hoping that the back pain will ease once I get more active and return to work.  Sorry it’s not much help to you, but you are not alone with back pain and I do sympathise with you.  Take care 

  • Hello Doris88,

    Thank you for your advice and support it is really appreciated. I may have to go and see my GP doesn't seem to be improving and I do not want to keep taking painkillers! I hope you get to the bottom of you back pain soon. Take care and stay safe Kissing heart