Incurable Cancer Diagnosed

Hello Again Everyone.

This an update to my previois post on my new cancer diagnosis.

I attended the Pulmonary clinic at Perth Royal Infrmary today and there was no good news. The doctor showed me the CT scan and indicated that there is evidence of cancer at several locations in both my lungs and an enlarged lymph node close to my heart.

The next step is for a Bronchoscopy Biopsy (EBUS) to try and determine if it is secondary (metastatic) to the original throat cancer.

The doctor did explain to Wilma and I that this cancer is incurable and that any treatment is only for comfort and quality of life. As yet, I am not sure what treatment will be offered to me and I will need to come to terms with lots of things in the meantime.

I do feel a wee bit guilty after all of the fantastic care that I have received from my Macmillan and ENT Oncology teams who have cared for me over the past 2-1/2 years or so. I also thank you all for your support in my time within this group.

I am sorry that this post is not uplifting, but it goes to show that sometimes things can go wrong that are outwith everyone's control.

Take Care

  • Oh Bob I am so sorry. I along with lots of others have been with you on your journey from the beginning. I can only hope that there is something to be done to prolong your life with as much quality as can be mustered and that you and Wilma have time together for a good while

    Perhaps you are a candidate for immunotherapy. There have been good results. I’m sure your team will continue to look after you and look for every possibility. 
    I must say I’m quite shell shocked.  I apologise for how vacuous that must sound considering I’m not in your shoes but we are a family of sorts here. 
    Don’t feel guilty. You haven’t let anybody down by not getting cured. Rubbish happens to the best of us. 
    Please let us know how things go after your EBUS if you’re up to it. 


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  • Oh Bob so sad to read this my heart goes out to you and  Wilma. Life can be so cruel. As Dani has said immunotherapy is having good results I’ve a friend who today has had his last infusion and he’s been on a 2 year programme. His tonsil cancer HPV metastasised to his lungs a year after his treatment. We are all part of a small family on here and never feel like you’ve let anyone down. 
    keep in touch as and when you feel up to it. 
    hugs Hazel xx

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  • Hi Bob

    Sorry to read your thread.  I took a look at your profile and oh my life a lot of it sounds so familiar.  Immunosuppressants given in large doses and lots of steroids for an autoimmune problem then in comes the cancers, wow.  I dont know what to say, have a read of mine and my latest post, Here We Go Again, new growth in lung waiting for Pet scan should have been tomorrow but tested positive for Covid today to add a bit more to the mix.  If i have read things wrong my apologies but if not be good to chat and compare.



  • Hi Bob so sorry to hear your news. I hope that they can come up with some kind of further treatment for you. We are all here for you when you need us. Best wishes to you and Wilma.


  • Sorry to hear this. Wishing you the best



  • So very sorry to read your post Bob. I hope the palliative treatment is effective at holding everything at bay, Tina x

  • Hi Bob, I was so sorry to hear your news and I hope that you and yours will be able to muster the strength to deal with what lies ahead the best you can. Lets hope that  any treatment offered will give you a lot longer that expected and they can keep you as comfortable as possible and the quality of the time you have how ever long that may be will be good. 

    Best wishes to you and Wilma


  • Hi Bob - sorry to hear your news, really am. Different cancer, same outcome (stage4 etc). If not done so yet, join the incurable group too as a good source of information and support on that topic. 

  • I’m very sorry to read this Bob. I remember your journey well and can only reiterate what others have said in here. Sending my very best wishes, M