Here we go again

Hello All

Know its not head and neck but got results of latest CT scan, annual check on Monday and I have a new cancer in my right lung.  PET scan already booked for this saturday and seem to be moving swiftly.  Also had four growths removed from face yesterday so a bit sore today.  It is never ending and always seems to crop up in time to ruin Christmas.  Suppose the good news is that they are still looking to treat me with either more lung surgery or radiotherapy to be decided after Pet scan results.Trying not to panic and going with the flow but as we all know it is waiting for the plan that seems relentless.  Hope you are all keeping well.



  • Oh Mo … that’s rubbish news. Maybe you can have SBRT to save you lots if extra treatment or surgery. Are they going to biopsy? 
    Hang on in there, Mo. You’ve come so far through all these battles. I’m really rooting for you. I never call cancer patients brave because I feel we just have to plod on as we have no choice but you are an exception. You’re a bloody brave lady, Mo. You deserve a break 



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  • Hi Mo oh no not what you wanted to hear. Do as Dani said hang on in there you can do this. We’re your cancer  family stick with us and hugs to you and your family plus Sherman of course xx

    Hazel xx

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  • So sorry to hear this, you have had so much to go through, I'm sure you will fight this the same as you have before. You are a true warrior. 


  • Mo that is incredibly bad news.  You have had a really bad run and need your luck to change soon.  I know what you mean about Christmas bad news!  Glad they are already looking at treatment plans in preparation for the results of the scan.  Wishing you all the best.

  • Thanks Peter fingers crossed for you too

  • Thanks Ray.  My old dad used to say' What cant be cured must be endured' he was a very wise man