Long time no post ('ish)

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Good morning fellow warriors. I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected.

Something of a brief update. I have now completed 5 fortnightly sessions of immunotherapy (nivolumab) and off to see the wizard (oncologist) this afternoon. I have not suffered too badly at all with any side effects and I hope to find out today when they might scan to see if any affect on the now incurable tumours etc. Growth has caused mouth / jaw to contract somewhat so diet moved largely back to liquid/very soft but managing ok to well on that without tube for now.

So whilst I am now palliative I remain positive and hopeful that nivo and / or whatever next defence might be, will buy me/us some more time. I think it's now that I have accepted living with cancer as opposed to beating cancer and it's not too bad .... did I really just type that?!: Stuck out tongue winking eye

Stay warm, dry and rested if you can and don't let the b!£$^$!&D grind you down!