Remember, Remember the Fifth of November: One Year Since Diagnosis Day

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I remember this day last year. I had visited the ENT department for my biopsy results, and was told it was tonsil cancer. The shock obviously was difficult to accept and I am unsure how I was able to drive back. 

After a period of acceptance and acknowledgement I got on with my treatment plan. It was partly due to accepting everything was out of my control that helped. I trusted in the system. 

One year on and I am still clear, and my consultant is pleased with my progress. 

I have prioritized my fitness. To that end I have: 

  • Given up alcohol. It has never done me any favours, and I drank to excess. It was no good. 
  • I keep fit as much as possible. I am still trying to lose weight that was linked to excessive alcohol.
  • I now live in the moment, and appreciate small things. A sunny day, a sunset, stroking a friendly cat.
  • I read and practice philosophy. I accept fully I am mortal.
  • I let negativity pass. Everything will pass. 

Stephen x

  • Hi Steven, it's good to read you are doing so well. These milestones are helpful for those who are just starting out, having treatment or in recovery. It lets them know you can get through this, and that the treatment gives good results.


  • Take the simple pleasures,  

    I live in beautiful countryside and every day is a blessing. We have a rookery at the end of our lane and last week there was a tremendous cacophony as the rooks  circled to roost. They were joined by jackdaws and the sound was sky shattering. Eventually they settled down to swap news of their day quietly with just the odd kaah and tchack filtering through the sunset air. It was Halloween. 
    I thought I’d send you a picture of fireworks to celebrate your anniversary but instead I’m sending you Nature’s fireworks. 
    Well done. 


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  • Hi Steven. Great post yes certain dates will forever be etched in our memory’s. I have a sayjng now why worry about thjngs I’ve no control over. So onwards and upwards towards sunny days etc 

    Hazel x

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help  

  • Hi Stephen

    You have such a great philosophy. If only we could all get onto this without having cancer to make us re-evaluate what is important in life. A cancer diagnosis put everything in perspective for me and made me realise that so many things that I used to be concerned about were just not that important. Living in the moment and appreciating the small things is my specialty too now. I go out in the garden every day and love looking at the what nature has to offer.

    Best wishes for your ongoing good health.